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Thomas Nee Was A Needful Crook

October 5th, 2021

It is a common by-product of generations of Democrap Party rule – of cities and states.  The cops witness so much corruption by their elected officials – that it rubs off on their weakest links.  Thomas Nee was a very weak link!

Ted at his sarcastic best….reading from her own document! Following this the Judiciary Committee voted a 11-to-11 tie on her nomination, – meaning it will take a simple majority vote of the FULL SENATE – to advance her out of Committee.

You guessed it;  – the Clintons skate to kill another day.

Will He Take Us Down With Him?

August 28th, 2021

If you think things are bad now,  – just wait until Willie Brown’s mistress is sworn in….   AMMO UP Folks!  Be ready!

While there may still be some honorable patriots within the FBI,  the upper echelons are all left-wing political operatives – dishonest to the core and treasonous to our Constitution.   Dinesh D’Souza explains their latest conundrum,  – the January 6th insurrection lie: Sad state of affairs:  we can’t trust our pResident,  – can’t trust VP Kneepads,  […]

This is a classic case of Liberals now having to live under the kind of people they voted for.   It will be a nightmare!

How many more Hillary?   What is your body count now?