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Just 6½ years later….my,…how time flies….

Charlie FAKER Has A NEW Worry!

December 9th, 2021

Governor Charlie Baker gets to name a replacement District Attorney for Suffolk County,  – since Rachael Rollins will be the new US (Soros) Attorney for Massachusetts…. But naming a new Suffolk County DA may be the least of his worries. Did he actively assist in thwarting or delaying Justice for his groping son AJ?   Are […]

Judge King Foils Biden’s Plans!

November 25th, 2021

Judge Robert Bruce King – nearly 82 years old,  is a West Virginia boy,  – nominated to the Court by Bill Clinton in 1998.   He’s seen enough of the Dementia Patient. Do you suppose it was the growing rumor that Biden plans to replace Kamala,  – and give her a judgeship as a going-away present…?

We can easily imagine what kind of a monster VP Kneepads must be to work for.  What happened to trigger Ashley’s sudden resignation? What was the breaking point Ashley?

Merrick Garland had a safe lifetime job – Chief Justice of the DC Appeals Court.  But he wanted revenge against conservatives,  so he accepted the job as Biden’s Attorney General (i.e. legal thug). Now Garland is learning that Biden isn’t loyal to anybody except blood family,  – as they pull his legal cover of plausible […]

It this the demeanor of a man fully in charge of our country,  – or a man frustrated at having to keep all the lies straight in his Swiss-cheese brain…?  Just 1 week ago he was telling a different  story: 

Rep. Mike Johnson is the Republican who represents the 4th CD (Western Louisiana),  and he grills Biden’s Minister of Justice Merrick Garland on Garland’s family financial interest in Critical Race Theory.  Watch Garland squirm like a snake and evade  giving a straight or honest answer. 

Thomas Nee Was A Needful Crook

October 5th, 2021

It is a common by-product of generations of Democrap Party rule – of cities and states.  The cops witness so much corruption by their elected officials – that it rubs off on their weakest links.  Thomas Nee was a very weak link!