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Given the vast differences between the Trump rallies and Biden’s diminutive circle gatherings, – this is the vote result Americans were expecting. Did massive voter fraud – software tinkering in the machines controlled from overseas – change Trump votes to votes for China Joe?  There are whispers on the internet that the USA has the […]

A DOJ Swamp Creature RESIGNS!

November 10th, 2020

Richard C. Pilger has spent 20+ years ‘investigating’ election crimes.  Today his true self was revealed – when he quit in a very public huff! This self-righteous pillar of moral decency was offended when AG Bill Barr told the DOJ and FBI to see if there had been widespread and / or coordinated election fraud to […]

He was advertised as the best crime-fighter in the Justice Department.  But for years now he’s been AWOL…. Did Hillary buy your soul too John?

Swamp Creature Christopher Wray proves where his loyalties lie.   He must want a cut of that Chinese Money the Bidens will be taking in….

Janesville video below the fold:  

If you want a peek into what our Young Republic will become if ever the new progressive left achieves their ‘revolution’ – just look at Seattle,  Portland,  and San Francisco.  2 videos:

Policy?  Issues?  Forgetaboutit!!   It was a day of photo-ops! She spoke for 19 minutes at Shaw University – played the RACE CARD,  – then walked off without taking questions…. 2 videos: 

Surprise!  Surprise!  Robert Mueller’s entire team of Russian Witch Hunters (all former Clinton lawyers) wiped their government-issued cell phones CLEAN before turning them in to the DOJ Inspector General. Can’t wait to hear about their laptops….

President Trump Tours Kenosha

September 1st, 2020

Governor Evers and the left-wing media didn’t want him to come,  – they didn’t want their inept attempts at protecting the people highlighted.   But REAL Presidents do come where the trouble is…. People greeted him,  he toured the damage,  and he led a round-table with those who’d been in the thick of it.   Evers didn’t […]

It may have been one of the dumbest moves in Air Force History! A young Airman stationed at Hill AFB,  – just miles from his home in West Haven Utah,  – joins the BLM mob last May,  – and wearing an Air Force gas mask – helps torch a police car. Slowly but surely the […]