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The media (the Propaganda Ministry of the American Communist Party) is determined to hold BLAMELESS,  – even turn into ‘the Victim‘ – the asshole who mocked Trump for 4 years.   He is still their hero.   Don’t you be fooled: RULES for GUN SAFETY:

With Pelosi and Biden trying to squander $3.5 Trillion, –  and the IRS worried about your $700.oo gun purchase, – Clark’s swindle seems almost trivial…

Across the land – as governor after governor – mayor after mayor dictate that their employees be vaccinated – or be fired,  – we suddenly see clearly why union teachers in our public schools have for these past 40+ years failed to teach anything about the US Constitution.

After stating just weeks ago that he doesn’t think parents should be interfering with school boards,  this arrogant big-government Clinton elitist blows off another reporter’s question. Virginia voters be WARNED:  This guy is Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo – on steroids!

The still-unnamed suspect – age vic 31,  had a history of drug use.  He may have killed a person found dead in a nearby parked car. Not to fear, BOTH men will continue to vote in the next 3 general elections…..

Thomas Nee Was A Needful Crook

October 5th, 2021

It is a common by-product of generations of Democrap Party rule – of cities and states.  The cops witness so much corruption by their elected officials – that it rubs off on their weakest links.  Thomas Nee was a very weak link!

Donna was born in Kingston, Jamaica,  – was raised in Canada, – moved to Georgia in 1998, – became a Citizen in 2012, – and represents the 105th District (Lawrence – Grayson, Northeast of Atlanta) in the Georgia House. What part of her twisted hate-filled soul is bothered by Thomas?  Is it his pro-life stance, – […]

Was Sotomayor’s refusal to take up the plea from the NYC Teachers a sign of personal laziness,  – or a signal the Court doesn’t want to be stuck playing doctor? De Blasio seems free to continue ruling by decree…

Ted at his sarcastic best….reading from her own document! Following this the Judiciary Committee voted a 11-to-11 tie on her nomination, – meaning it will take a simple majority vote of the FULL SENATE – to advance her out of Committee.

Another Gun Company Moves South

September 30th, 2021

The anti-gun lobby and the fear mongers who call ARs “military-style assault rifles” are probably feeling a victory.  Little do they understand….