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Read Article I, § 3,  Para 7.  They want Trump in prison! The Swamp has their narrative: “Trump incited a RIOT! People DIED!” What better way to divert attention from voting machines and a stolen election, – than to impeach,  try,  and convict an innocent President,  – then try him AGAIN in Federal Criminal Court…? […]

Arguments may go on for years,  but had there been no massive election fraud in November…     …. there would have been no 1 million-strong protest gathering in DC today, – – no swarming of the US Capitol,  – and no shot fired by a panicked US Capitol policeman.

Moses Harris was a busy 25 yr old working crook with no extra time to waste being arrested.  To evade the police he entered the Concord River – at 2:31 am Sat 19 Dec.   Yup – it was cold, damned cold! Moses made a clean getaway!  He’s not been seen or found since.  His grieving […]

Archer Alexander made 21st Century Black Democrats “feel bad”,  – so they lobbied to have Boston remove him. There were several Fugitive Slave Acts in our American History – the last one in 1850,  – signed into law by President Millard Fillmore as one of his first official acts.  They weren’t repealed until 1864 – […]

Who Is Chasing You Robert DeLeo?

December 28th, 2020

The Speaker’s sudden announcement that he’s stepping down from the State House as of December 29th (full moon BTW),  makes us think that somebody has tipped him off that it’s time to find a nice little country with no extradition treaty….

Keisha Lance Bottoms is emblematic of what’s wrong in our heavily-Black big cities,  where skin color dictates how the majority of residents (lifelong Democrats) pick their leaders.  Chicago (Lori Lightfoot),  San Francisco (London Breed),  Baltimore (Dixon / Rawlings-Blake / Pugh), Tallahassee (Andrew Gillum),  Washington DC (Muriel Bowser),  Richmond, VA (Stoney), – are all examples where […]

They ran for elected office “to serve the People…”  It was always a lie. Democrats run for office to get dictatorial POWER,  – to enrich themselves,  – and to force others to live according to THEIR visions.  And,…sometimes for ego and revenge.

Governor Gel Hair’s pick for US Senator exposes the deep racism in California’s Democrat Party. Democrats only ‘claim’ to be a party of united minorities.  The reality is they fight viciously among themselves, – and sometimes it spills out in public.

She was in a car crash (into a parked tree) in Pennsylvania last year,  – with pill bottles containing Carisoprodol and Lorazepam,  – and a suspended driver’s license.  The drugs were also in her system. But you KNOW the outcome.  The media hushed the story.  The 33-yr old rich girl just left a Pennsylvania courthouse […]

China Joe As Commander-In-Thief

December 17th, 2020

The whole Biden Klan is corrupt and dirty – and treasonous.  Joe’s definition of “WRONG” would be to let an opportunity to take dirty money go unused.   Soon even lifelong Democrats are going to be ashamed.