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The Communist Left is running amok,  – finding hate and racism in Dr. Seuss,  in statues,  in literature,  and in decades-old American music.  They can find racism where none exists,  – and just by pointing to it – they can get stupid Americans to cancel things.  F-U-C-K THEM!  

WHY DELIBERATELY BANKRUPT A NATION? Simple!  If you’re globalist,  a bankrupt country cannot pay Social Security or pay it’s soldiers, police, or prison guards.  Then,  as people are hungry and desperate,  – controlled mobs of groups like AntiFA and BLM can seize power,  – because they’ll easily believe that “Rich White Racists” are hogging all […]

How sad, how evil – that most American networks won’t speak the unvarnished TRUTH…  Our unelected pResident is a world-wide laughing stock – and us along with him. This is all going to end badly for the USA,  and the treasonous Democraps will still twist things and blame Trump.

China Joe wants to hurt as many people as possible,  – so his pick to be Assistant Secretary of Health (replacing Admiral Ben Giroir) is Dr. Rachel Levine,  – and a deliberate slap in the face of American parents of confused kids. As you’ll see by watching the video,  Levine isn’t just a transgender woman,  […]

It looks like the sugarplum trees aren’t bearing enough fruit…and there’s a severe shortage of unicorns….  But the corpses keep piling up!

They watched Trump’s attorneys prove that the House Managers had fabricated evidence by editing tweets and video. They’re probably hoping to subpoena Trump himself – and if they do,  – Trump is unlikely to appear. The drama builds….

Army Major Gets New Uniforms

February 10th, 2021

We are sickened to report this….. How ODD: same FBI – essentially same crime;  – such different outcomes?

Don’t let the door hit you – you racist toady!