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Has ANY Democrat – anywhere – E-V-E-R told the TRUTH?

Wednesday night Des Moines, Iowa,  – today Greenville, NC. Our Energizer President! The Media is growing more hysterical by the day over Trump supporters not wearing MASKS at his rallies.   You’d think they were killing and eating puppies.

Hunter Biden Was Selling Access

October 14th, 2020

Facebook will hide or “Fact Check” this, so decide for yourself! The Bidens have always been for sale!

At first listen – this highly inappropriate question to Judge Barrett from the junior Hawaiian Senator seems to reinforce Mazie’s well-deserved reputation for being a dim-witted loose cannon from another planet… WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON….is setting up the groundwork for Democrats to ask the SAME QUESTION of all future Republican nominees:  “We ask the SAME […]

This snide elitist bitch will turn Wolf into a Republican. The look on Blitzer’s face is priceless….  His blunder is thinking he can reason with a power-mad insane person…

If Joe’s wife,  family,  and campaign team (handlers) are helping cover this up,  – it is a huge fraud against the American People. VIDEO below the fold:

Democrats and BLM scum have always been utter goons.  Campbell was attacked in a New Bedford parking lot Monday after a Trump Rally,  – kicked in the head,  – suffered a broken tibia. Random isolated incident – or political warning?  Anybody really expect Bristol County (Democrat) DA Tom Quinn to investigate an attack on a […]

The similarities and stark differences with Kenosha cannot be overlooked. The final seconds of Lee Keltner’s 49-year life were captured on video.  The murder trial of Matthew Robert Dolloff will make headlines,  – and make some lawyer’s career. Can Denver find 12 jurors not high on marijuana?

A most revealing 38 seconds of video,  – Biden shows anger and frustration,  – says you DON’T DESERVE to know his positions on court-packing…. 50 years as a Democrat office-holder has produced a ruling elitist – who truly believes he is above giving honest answers to peasants.   (Maybe the Chinese haven’t given him the list […]