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Hint: Don’t go fishing Fredo.

She is a woman given far too much  authority,   – and one who has NEVER read our 4th Amendment.   As County Medical Officer she has ordered that ALL PERSONS must WEAR A MASK – AT ALL TIMES,  – even at HOME!    How on earth does she plan on enforcing this? We might suspect she […]

George K. Butterfield is a lifelong Democrap, – has represented North Carolina’s 1st CD since 2004.  He ‘identifies’ as a Black man, – is a member of the CBC.  Pelosi is losing an ally. George was a judge before being elected to Congress.  We have to wonder if he’s grown tired of the Politics of […]

The issue before the Court is a new Tennessee law prohibiting schools from masking young children.  The Teacher’s Unions want the masks,  – it means more docile kids and it gives them another tool to bully and bludgeon both kids and their parents.   Stalinism!  Here at RRB,  we’ve read our Constitution a few times,  – […]

Charlie,  are MassHole state employees required to sign any kind of ethics and behavior code?   Do you know yet if Ms. Dorrance has been paying taxes on her extra income?

Soros DA Rachael Rollins Heckled!

November 10th, 2021

Not only is she the duly elected Suffolk County DA, – Biden nominated her to be the US Attorney for Massachusetts (on Soros’ instructions of course).  She’s standing at the scene where three Boston Cops were shot, – responding to a ‘domestic’ call. As the violence has increased in Boston,  and Rollins keeps finding […]

The surest way to know if a Democrap is a racist is when they’ve started counting people by skin color – not character. And so it was yesterday in Virginia – when Terry McAuliffe lamented that 50% of the students in the state were “of color”,  – while 80% of the teachers are White.

In his desperation to discredit Youngkin and win the Governor’s Seat again,  McAuliffe – or a staffer – forgot that “White Racists” are supposed to be WHITE! We shouldn’t be surprised at either the level of desperation,  – the dirty tricks,  – or the utter ineptitude in casting.   Democraps screw everything up!

Have you heard of Sarah Leonardi,  – the former Teacher of the Year and current Broward School Board Member,  – who is bragging on Facebook about taking elementary school kids on a field trip,  – to a local Gay Bar? There are some seriously sick and warped people teaching – and on your local school […]

It seems bilingual senior advisor Wendy Martinez has been assured that Murphy will mandate state-wide vaccines – but they don’t want the voters to know that. Phil Murphy is a nearly-perfect Democrap – a slimy double-talking lying snake.