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America has come a long – long – and very bloody way from the election of 1864,  – when American voters decided that it was time for an anti-slavery president. That election had immediate and very bloody consequences,  – and today most Americans – Black and White – are clueless.

In these past 4 years shooting have more than doubled,  – murders occur in broad daylight….  But in the mayor’s mind,  individual people don’t count for much; – pizza toppings do! He was asked on a radio show when he was going to use that $6 Billion to hire enough cops…. His answer was stunning:  […]

When he first ran for mayor in 2013,  lifelong communist Bill de Blasio thought he could turn NYC into a Utopian example of 21st Century Communist success.   His first moves were to vilify the cops.  He played the race card. Eight years later his streets have become shooting galleries. There were 462 murders in NYC […]

Americans, you are seeing (if you can bear to even watch) a career crook rapidly losing his mind to dementia.  Yes,  it’s sad, – but then he has ALWAYS been a cheat and a clown;  – and has always sold his oath and his office. How bad is this?  THINK!   They would have briefed him, […]

The fun, thrill, and glory of working for VP Kneepads is gone – and so are they! Karly Satkowiak and Gabrielle DeFranceschi are departing the White House office of Advance Travel.  Karly is the Director for Kamala,  – Gabby her assistant (interned in the Obama WH) – but were unable to book Kamala’s trip to […]

They held a Primary Vote Tuesday for Mayor.  The Black Guy won. In a city torn apart just a year ago by “BLM” race riots,  just 26% of the Democrat voters bothered to show up and vote.  There were NO Republicans in the race.

Chicago’s funeral parlors are hurting,  – there has been a ~ slight ~ slowdown in the murder rate thus far in 2021.   They’re hoping for a hot humid summer… Chicago’s first (and very proudly) openly gay mayor has bigger worries….

Signing Jubilee Day into Federal Law as a National Holiday – – will do WHAT to stop the ongoing Black-on-Black murder cycles in all our major cities? Think any of these fawning witnesses could tell you anything about the Union General,  and what he told the newly freed slaves in Galveston?

The fight for control of voting in Georgia continues,  – as does the fight for Secretary of State  – the elected official who controls voting in most states.  Georgia’s new Election Law won’t mean diddly if the Secretary of State won’t enforce it,  – and the incumbent,  Brad Raffensperger,  – sure seemed to make a […]