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Trump has been working tirelessly for 3½ years to strengthen NATO,  – to get Europe to step up and pay and contribute their fair share, – and to stop acting subservient to Russia, China, Islam, and Globalism.   Pushing the ever-recalcitrant Merkel to act decisively, – Trump announced a US troop cut in Germany. Immediately Willard […]

Trump delivers good news for Americans,  – and in particular for Wisconsin shipyard workers, – and the anti-American media immediately spins it as corrupt. Fincantieri Marine won a contract to build 10 new fast guided missile frigates – FFG(X) – essentially on a design successfully used by several NATO navies.  Damned few Democrats even know […]

If you think this is about a knee on a neck,  – or police profiling,  – or even about Black Lives,  – you are a naïve fool.   WAKE UP! This is George Soros using a variety of front groups;  – the Democrats,  the teachers,  BLM,  AntiFA, – and the Left Wing Media to discredit every […]

Soros is after complete anarchy,  – so if his expendable gullible cannon fodder shoot each other along the way,  – it actually HELPS!

The layers of irony and hypocrisy are deep here,  – as an all-white crowd of spoiled college kids mob a motorist,  – who turns out to be the mayor of a nearby small town,  – one who works for a living. Medford Oregon may be the whitest town in the state – if not the […]

In an extraordinarily brazen move – dangerous for the troops involved – he ordered that all National Guard troops in DC not to carry their arms or ammunition.  This makes them conspicuous and unarmed targets.  He FAILED to consult Trump.

Did NY State voters back in 2018 understand who and what they were voting for?   The AG is supposed to be the People’s Lawyer;  – how will threatening Trump help the people who have just lost businesses to looters and arsonists? In a sad way,  New Yorkers,  particularly New York City voters DESERVE the assholes […]

Finally!   We can stop “spreading our wealth around”!

The terrorist was actually a Saudi air force lieutenant – here for pilot training.   But he’d sold his soul to jihad years before, visited NYC to memorialize 9/11,  and hosted a dinner party where he and other Muslim students watched mass-shooting videos.  Then on Friday, 6 Dec 2019,  – he killed three and wounded eight, […]