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Russia Ups The Arms Race

July 21st, 2021

Next-generation stealth fighters and hypersonic missiles,  – Putin is determined to keep Russia a prime source of weapons for the Third World,  – and keep their money flowing in.   When they start making and selling these come 2025,   do you think Putin will tell them about the kill switches…?

For the men and women who served in this God-forsaken land,  who lost friends there,  – this video will be hard to watch. I understand.  I felt the same way back when I was forced to read Harry Summer’s book “On Strategy”.  It ate at me….

He doesn’t understand the technology,  – is too corrupt to care,  – is surrounded by commies and crooks,  – despises Republicans,  – and will sign away our Freedoms and our Security for 30 pieces of silver…and a photo-op.

Equal Opportunity BE DAMNED!  An undersized cop – male or female, – is a walking target for thugs. Your city will at best pay for a Police Funeral, – at worst for a lifelong disability claim and lifelong medical care.   STUPID! These photos – and the video below the fold shows exactly why undersized cops […]

This sleazy bitch’s need to be seen saying something….stretched her limited supply of patriotism and her scant knowledge of History – well beyond the breaking point.

This is the most solemn weekend of the year,  – when we remember those who took up arms to fight for our liberty and our freedom – and who died doing it.   Some died in a flash,  – in a merciful painless instant;  – others died slowly,  in excruciating agony,  while others starved or froze,  […]

She is certain she’s way smarter and more hip than Hillary,  – AND only months (maybe weeks?) from becoming pResident.  The head-bobbing whore was giving the Commencement Speech at the Naval Academy….   You be the judge.  Appropriate?  Worthy?  

Well,  she did help with Biden’s Transition Team…