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If it weren’t potentially so serious,  this would be hilarious.  Putin is going after Biden’s old bankroll,  – and making him look like a total idiot. RRB is guessing this Russian move is in coordination with the Chinese,  – maybe even with the NorKs….and we’re only 83 days into the Biden Debacle.   And race riots […]

Hopper is undergoing modernization at Pearl.  The previous skipper, – Commander Jeffrey Tamulevich, – was relieved after an attractive young Petty Officer spent too many nights in his cabin. Dawley had been in command for just under a year.

Admiral Davidson commands all US Forces in the Western Pacific and Indian ocean theaters, – where China is a growing menace to world peace and regional stability. His report to the Senate Armed Services Committee – now led by Democrats,  – will displease Biden (if he hears about it),  – because Biden expects the Chinese […]

Once again China Joe cannot remember the name of a prominent Black American – former 4-Star General Lloyd Austin,  – who HE appointed as Secretary of Defense – just 90 days ago. Where have you seen Joe do this before this before…? Standing behind Biden are two new 4-Star female Generals:  USAF General Jacqueline Van […]

HISTORY LESSON: From Truman in Korea,  to JFK & LBJ in Vietnam, – to Carter in Iran, – to Clinton in Rwanda and the Middle East,  – to Obama in Syria, – and now China Joe,… ….the goons and dictators have learned that Democrats are emotionally and mentally incapable of using America’s military might in […]

CPAC 2021 In Orlando, Florida

February 26th, 2021

Truly amazing how politics in Florida have changed over the past decade….

Merry Christmas 2020 America!

December 24th, 2020

Cherish these days Americans.  A terrible price was paid so that you could.

Trump Tosses 2020 Army-Navy Coin

December 12th, 2020

In fog-shrouded Michie Stadium at West Point,  Trump got a rousing reception from our future warrior-leaders. This is the first and only football game I’ve watched this year;  – the ONLY one where I was sure none of the players would be ‘taking a knee’…

The indifference of our 1930s political and military leaders toward the growing reach of the Japanese Navy was largely rooted in racism and ignorance. America was thought to have no strategic or vital trading interests in the orient.   We were selling our scrap iron to the Japanese….  Our Democrat President – just reelected to a […]