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Housecleaning At The Pentagon

November 13th, 2020

It’s beginning to look like a parade!   Monday Trump fired SecDef Mark Esper – the former soldier turned ooey-gooey resistance fighter, – who’d ordered the National Guard to face BLM / AntiFA goons in DC while DISARMED! The Parade of his Loyal Followers continued this week,  – Esper’s CoS Jennifer Steward,  – her assistant Alexis […]

Trump FIRES SecDef Mark Esper

November 9th, 2020

Esper – a West Point grad,  – managed to let Harvard then GW University soften both his spine and his brain. 

Trump will make ten (10) rallies this weekend – China Joe will struggle to draw a crowd. It seems the Teachers Unions still support Biden – because they think they’ll get to stay home and Zoom it in for the rest of this school year.

VP Joe Biden in Abu Dhabi on Monday,  March 7th  2016. AND,…he’s due at an event this weekend with Jane #onda….

“Hail Throwe! All Hail!

September 18th, 2020

RIP:  General Jim Throwe,  CTARNG  1930 – 2020 I came to the CTARNG from Georgia in 1981,  – and had a most unusual relationship with the Brigade Commander;  – we greeted each other with the Roman Salute, – and he obviously enjoyed the departure from Army norms.  He responded by naming me “Iron Mike” – […]

They’ve tried everything:  Russian Interference – Russian Collusion – Ukrainian Phone Call – Impeachment – Tax Records – Coronavirus – Lockdowns – BLM Race Riots – Toppling Statues – Mail-In Voting – – and now a mega-rich vindictive widow claims Trump Called Veterans “Losers” – – – It’s political and it’s personal….deeply personal:

How long has he been slipping into deep dementia before our eyes?  Should he be tested?  Who wants to trust him with our nuclear codes?  Read Amendment XXV, § 4.

Today – 75 Long Years Ago

August 14th, 2020

In case any of you dismiss as unimportant who a vice-presidential candidate is,  remember that the last honest Democrat dropped two atomic bombs.   He was a genuine hero from WWI,  but had a limited education and a racist world view.   So, sadly, he failed to understand the nature of the war in China, Indochina,  and […]