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Think these DemoCraps will say “Thank you Mister President”? USNS Mercy has already treated her first patients!

ENJOY! Trump At CPAC 2020

February 29th, 2020

Perhaps Putin ordered it,  – perhaps the Russian skipper was acting on standing orders (they’ve pulled this stupid shit before);  – but the Ivan Khurs came too damn close to the USS Farragut in the North Arabian Sea. Sooner or later – sailors will die… 

Most are transplanted MassHole state employees fleeing the horrific taxes they spent a lifetime voting for.  They’re just not used to thinking for themselves;  – and let’s face it, – their 2020 choices are very limited….and all unsavory. FYI,  the New Hampshire “1st in the Nation” Primary is notorious for voter fraud, – and they […]

Did jittery Iranian air defense crews mistake Ukrainian Flight 752 for an attacking US military aircraft?  Did they just create their own version of their 1988 Flight 655? As advanced militaries like the US, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China sell modern arms to 3rd World nations,  there is a real problem with training 3rd […]

The Mullahs need war to stay in power,  – but average Iranians will hear this message.   They’re tired of enforced poverty.

President Trump sends a couple of Twelvers to meet their maker,  – and it sure isn’t Allah! The world should understand,  now under Trump,  – we’re not pussyfooting around anymore!

A Tale Of Two Embassies….

January 1st, 2020