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“Hail Throwe! All Hail!

September 18th, 2020

RIP:  General Jim Throwe,  CTARNG  1930 – 2020 I came to the CTARNG from Georgia in 1981,  – and had a most unusual relationship with the Brigade Commander;  – we greeted each other with the Roman Salute, – and he obviously enjoyed the departure from Army norms.  He responded by naming me “Iron Mike” – […]

They’ve tried everything:  Russian Interference – Russian Collusion – Ukrainian Phone Call – Impeachment – Tax Records – Coronavirus – Lockdowns – BLM Race Riots – Toppling Statues – Mail-In Voting – – and now a mega-rich vindictive widow claims Trump Called Veterans “Losers” – – – It’s political and it’s personal….deeply personal:

How long has he been slipping into deep dementia before our eyes?  Should he be tested?  Who wants to trust him with our nuclear codes?  Read Amendment XXV, § 4.

Today – 75 Long Years Ago

August 14th, 2020

In case any of you dismiss as unimportant who a vice-presidential candidate is,  remember that the last honest Democrat dropped two atomic bombs.   He was a genuine hero from WWI,  but had a limited education and a racist world view.   So, sadly, he failed to understand the nature of the war in China, Indochina,  and […]

In the vernacular of the Old West – this is known as a “Mexican Standoff”.   Don’t allow this to happen to you. If you carry (and you SHOULD)  – resolve now to drop the other guy before he can level his barrel at you.  God forbid you are ever in this kind of jeopardy,  but […]

Lasers in the eyes of cops,  industrial power tools to take down a fence,  explosives thrown at the cops,  bystanders beaten,  burning city trucks,….is this in any way about George Floyd,  – or is this the opening battle in our 21st Century Communist Civil War? Two videos: You Decide!

“Conduct unbecoming” – The sad case of yet another Obama AA/EEO sailor going amok on the streets of Sunny California. The incident took place on Sunday, 19 July 2020,  in Southern California,  – about 15 miles from where Miss Piggy is stationed at Naval Base Ventura County.  She appears to have a weight control problem,  […]

1SG Callen was a member of the RIARNG and the East Greenwich, RI Police Department.  He died as a result of a skydiving accident in Danielson, CT on Sat, 18 July 2020. Thank God that such men exist and step forward to serve us!