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Endorsing Obama after Benghazi was unforgivable!

Ponder for a moment:   Democraps elected a brain-dead woman they knew NOTHING about,…and now as the time approaches to take China Joe out to Walter Reed,  – they realize she’s totally unready.   Besides the IMAGE,  – who will be teaching her about Geography, History,  Economics,  Islam,  Military Science,  our Constitution,  and Crisis Management?

It was a solemn exchange of Korean War remains,  – American and South Korean soldiers killed in that meat-grinder war. Why was Biden missing? FOUR REASONS:

Dueling Missile Launches In Korea

September 16th, 2021

For generations Democraps feared a military coup would topple presidents like Truman, JFK, LBJ, Carter, Clinton, and Obama. Now – if we’re to believe Woodward,  – the coup was against the most Republican and pro-America president in our History!    Believable?

Captain Amy Bauernschmidt now commands the USS Abraham Lincoln. With our guts roiling in utter disgust,  for the sake of our Nation, – the Navy, – the crew and the airmen,  – we wish her fair winds and following seas…. And we pray!

          Just imagine how Trump would deal with this!

At RRB we’re sure China Joe has a glib answer to why the government forces are melting away as the Taliban come to town…. (Trump’s fault…?) We’ve seen this before – Vietnam in ’72 and ’75. 

Russia Ups The Arms Race

July 21st, 2021

Next-generation stealth fighters and hypersonic missiles,  – Putin is determined to keep Russia a prime source of weapons for the Third World,  – and keep their money flowing in.   When they start making and selling these come 2025,   do you think Putin will tell them about the kill switches…?

For the men and women who served in this God-forsaken land,  who lost friends there,  – this video will be hard to watch. I understand.  I felt the same way back when I was forced to read Harry Summer’s book “On Strategy”.  It ate at me….