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Meet your future 2020 Democrat voters.  Spanish boletas por favor. 

This is a self-inflicted wound.  Soros is paying those AntiFA goons and he’s using your city as their basic training camp,  – and you played right into his hands.  You made it EASY! First,  you elected known LibTurd Ted Wheeler as Mayor;  – and then you watched as he immediately bypassed every long-term and worthy […]

This may be the most disgusting story of this pre-election cycle,  – someone on the left so rattled by a child they’ve called the home with death threats….

It is humanly IMPOSSIBLE to ‘mock’ Frederica any worse than she does herself – getting dressed every morning!

It was a prosecution which should have never happened – built on rumors, innuendo, and hearsay.  It never passed the smell-test, – but the left-over Obama AA/EEOs wanted a scalp to embarrass Trump. The unethical zeal with which some in the NCIS and the Navy JAG Corps pursued this case was despicable – and worth […]

Elections do have consequences!  When über-liberal citizens think they’re part of a socially advanced post-Constitutional world,  – and elect raving lunatics to high office,  they can expect a gathering of the nation’s lunatic fringe – including the violent ones. They were rioting again Saturday in downtown Portland.  At RRB we suspect it will be a […]

Somebody tell Maura Healey – it doesn’t look like those scary black AR-15s are the problem… QUESTION:  Will Suffolk DA Rachael Rollins consider these ‘incidents’ serious enough to prosecute?  Boston is starting to seem like London.  And with temperatures running above 90º,  the summer killing season is about to start!

They acted as if they’d all grown up in Pre-Civil War America, – in a nation run by robber barons and plantation owners. Not one of them had anything positive to say about the Nation which shed the blood of millions of it’s sons to liberate our slaves, Europe, and Asia – long before they […]

WoW!  What a change from the past three Attorneys General! OK,  the opening is unusual, but stick with it,  – listen as Barr addresses the priorities of the Department of Justice and the threats America is facing. 28-min video

After 10 years of publishing RRB, we can assure you that some of our best postings are either very low ranked, or more likely – not even displayed.  And it’s not just Google. James O’Keefe interviews an insider.  Imagine,  – a search engine taking it upon itself to decide what you’re allowed to SAY, – […]