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NOTICE: Armed Cops Shoot Back!

December 13th, 2018

I so love a story with a happy ending!

The French police set out this morning to arrest this well-known jihadi, – but he wasn’t home.  He was elsewhere in town,  busy killing innocent Christmas shoppers. He killed 3,  wounded 12,  and was wounded himself. As this is posted a wounded Islamist – Cherif Chekkat – age 29, – from Morocco, is holed up […]

Back in 2013,  a 12-day jury trial convicted Evelyn Sineneng-Smith,  a San Jose, California immigration consultant of inducing foreigners – Filipinos – to stay in the country,  – a violation of 18 USC 1324(1)(A)(iv). Now – 5 years later these three Left-Wing CLOWNS rule that the law is “overly vague”,  and her conviction is overturned.

Yep, 100 million users!!  Account information, including name,  email,  encrypted password and data imported from linked networks when authorized by users may have been compromised: Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo… Is it time to consider public beheading for data thieves? REMEMBER:  Liberals want us to trust them with email voting…..

The charges were filed with a variety of agencies including Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker,  DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz,  D.C.’s U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu,  and the Bar Disciplinary Counsel.  Now we’ll see how many Democrats in Congress will still defend Mueller and his team of Clintonista Witch Hunters to the bitter end….  Do you suppose […]

The Spring and Summer of 2019 are going to be very ugly on our West (Left) Coast.  It seems various members of AntiFA have been visiting gun shops…. Photo-journalist Andy Ngo was accosted trying to enter a pro-Constitution rally in Seattle – and the police essentially discouraged him – even as the AntiFA thugs threatened […]

Dean Will Rainford Pays The PRICE

November 23rd, 2018

The Dean of Social Services at the (previously) Catholic University in Washington DC,  was suspended,  – then forced to resign for publicly doubting Judge Kavanaugh’s rape accuser. More fallout from the Left’s attempt to keep a pro-life judge OFF the Bench,  – and insure that the Clinton-Obama-Comey Cartel is never investigated.

DACA Recipient Luis Cobos-Cenobio

November 20th, 2018

Florida’s 3-term left-wing senator – Bill Nelson (42 years on the Public Payroll) – has conceded that Republican Rick Scott has more votes, – after 12 days of problem-plagued manual and machine recounting.   Florida and our Young Republic dodge yet another bullet!  Thank you Dear Lord! Now under their new Governor Rick DeSantis,  Florida needs […]

For at least a half-century – marijuana smokers have lobbied for their weed to be legalized.  This week the first legal pot shops open for business in MassHole. A few folks will enjoy their sweet dreams….  But for others,  physical and legal nightmares are just about to unfold.