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We might question the political wisdom of any American vice president appearing on a gotcha TV show like The Breakfast Club.  But there was VP Kneepads,  and she reacted with pre-packaged bluster when Charlamagne asked who is the real president…  Give Charlamagne due credit;  – he asked T-H-E  QUESTION that the communist networks won’t touch […]

The only reason this kindly warm-hearted grandma could become a cop was because Carter,  – Clinton,  and Obama all wanted to win the woman vote,  – and “damn the consequences”! Make no mistake;   Daunte was bound to die a violent death as a very young man.  If a drug dealer didn’t kill him,  – a […]

Tonight a Chicago Jury found Smollett guilty of 5 felony charges.

Charlie FAKER Has A NEW Worry!

December 9th, 2021

Governor Charlie Baker gets to name a replacement District Attorney for Suffolk County,  – since Rachael Rollins will be the new US (Soros) Attorney for Massachusetts…. But naming a new Suffolk County DA may be the least of his worries. Did he actively assist in thwarting or delaying Justice for his groping son AJ?   Are […]

Two Career #uck-Ups!

December 4th, 2021

The truly sad part is that die-hard LibTurds will always believe that Trump incited the storming of the Congress,  – and that young Kyle came to Kenosha to kill Blacks – and killed two and wounded one of them.   Facts?  They don’t want to hear the FACTS.

Waukesha Christmas Parade Rampage

November 21st, 2021

BREAKING NEWS:   We are advised there may be up to 40 people injured, – early reports of multiple fatalities.  A red SUV has been located, and a male ‘person of interest’ identified. We will update when FACTS are available.  Meanwhile, PRAY! STORY UPDATED:   Monday evening, 22 Nov 2021   Killer Identified! UPDATE:   Tuesday,  23 Nov 2021  […]

We can easily imagine what kind of a monster VP Kneepads must be to work for.  What happened to trigger Ashley’s sudden resignation? What was the breaking point Ashley?

Thomas Binger Is A Public Danger!

November 15th, 2021

NEVER let a Democrap handle a weapon.   They have no clue about firearms safety.

Merrick Garland had a safe lifetime job – Chief Justice of the DC Appeals Court.  But he wanted revenge against conservatives,  so he accepted the job as Biden’s Attorney General (i.e. legal thug). Now Garland is learning that Biden isn’t loyal to anybody except blood family,  – as they pull his legal cover of plausible […]