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Warren, Michigan  Wed,  9 Sept 2020:   Bellicose embellishments!  Biden rants to the cameras that Trump has caused 6,114 US Troops to die of Coronavirus. The actual number is just 7,…and Trump didn’t cause them.  Now see where these bombastic lies were told:

Ms. Lovely Wright is a lawyer and career politician, – first elected Mayor of Rochester NY in 2013,  previously a member of the City Council since 2007.  She was once a summer law clerk for Elliot Spitzer… With her city of 206,000 people enduring endless race riots and no end in sight,  – her top […]

Black Shooters DON’T Matter?

September 8th, 2020

Remember the reports of a guy down in Fort Smith Arkansas who was firing into a Bass Pro Shop?   That was last Saturday, Sept 5th… So far police have recovered 30 shell casings,  – they believe from 3 separate weapons.  Is there a reason why this shooting isn’t nationwide news?

Fire Dance In Portland Oregon

September 6th, 2020

“Dancing With AntiFA”?  Play stupid games, – win stupid prizes! Burn Baby – BURN!  These are the young Soros Communists who want to overthrow both our government AND our Capitalist Society, – and replace it with their version of utopia.  Clueless! Classic irony:   A commie – burned by a Molotov Cocktail!

Deon Kay’s Suicide-By-Cop In DC

September 3rd, 2020

18 years of bad decisions caught up with Deon Kay in Southeast Washington DC yesterday, Wed, 2 Sept 2020.   He ran from cops with a pistol in hand,  – then turned toward them.  Fatal Error. BLM was instantly aroused,  – ready to burn down another city because they become conditioned to believe that running from […]

Just two days after viciously criticizing President Trump for his fact-finding trip to Kenosha – – Copy-Cat China Joe is flying those 660 miles himself.   Why? All he can offer Kenosha is incoherent criticism of Trump and babbling advice on race relations,  – as he learned from Obama. But Joe longs to hear the clicking […]

For those of you with short memories,  here is a 13-minute vivid reminder of why real Americans love our President. This will upset the timid: If you found this ‘offensive’ – feel free to risk your 401(k) and your freedom by voting for China Joe and his whore.

President Trump Tours Kenosha

September 1st, 2020

Governor Evers and the left-wing media didn’t want him to come,  – they didn’t want their inept attempts at protecting the people highlighted.   But REAL Presidents do come where the trouble is…. People greeted him,  he toured the damage,  and he led a round-table with those who’d been in the thick of it.   Evers didn’t […]

Most of the ‘media’ calls the groups Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys “right-wing extremists”.   We see them as young men unwilling to submit or tolerate commies taking over their city.  They jointed the Trump Parade Saturday afternoon.  It may have cost one of them his life. Caution:  like a lot of events that take place […]

Portland’s brigade of BLM thugs are practicing a new tactic,  – they’ve occupied the lobby of the Mayor’s home.   It’s private property,  – but being trained Marxists,  – they don’t recognize the concept of ‘private property‘.  (That would be ‘racist’.) Will Ted’s patience finally reach a breaking point?  Will he display liberal hypocrisy and call […]