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Taliban Hang ‘Em High In Herat!

September 25th, 2021

The city lies 450 miles west of Kabul – near the Iranian Border. The story is 4 guys attempted a kidnapping, – then lost a shootout with the local police. One was hung (maybe already dead) from a crane in the city square. It’s their country now;  and photos like this reinforce the image of […]

China Joe Accommodates His Masters

September 25th, 2021

Meng Wanzhou is a BIG IMPORTANT lady in China – the CFO of Huawei. She is key to China’s Belt and Road Program worldwide – and she lied about making a deal with Iran.  Trump had the Canadians arrest her back in December 2018.   So the Chinese arrested 2 Canadians…. Now just as China Joe […]

With thousands of Afghan ‘refugees’ about to be released across our land,  American justice systems had better brace for a new level of sex crimes. Islam permits a man to ‘discipline’ his wives, – just don’t beat them about the face…   And for hundreds of years – perhaps thousands (even before Islam) Afghan men have […]

RRB Is Rooting For The Gators!

September 20th, 2021

You guessed it;  – the Clintons skate to kill another day.

City Councilwoman Michelle Wu just won a decisive primary election vote,  – CRUSHING the “all-about-race” Acting Mayor Kim Janey. This was unexpected, – and a pleasant surprise.   The Nov 2nd General Election will be a runoff between Wu and Campbell.   Maybe some of Boston’s perennial race-baiters and agitators can settle back and try letting common […]

Trump In His Element In NYC Today

September 11th, 2021

He avoided the scripted dog-&-pony show with the Democrats;  – went to spend some time among real heroes. Totally comfortable with the cops – no cheat sheets – invites questions – gives answers – so unlike China Joe.   Watch Biden get booed today:

Liberals are always trying to save something – the Whooping Crane, – the Snail Darter, – the Polar Bears, – the Planet…., and of course Black Criminals.  Since the death of George Floyd (career thug and heavy drug user) they’ve convinced themselves that the ancient practice of BAIL – is a ‘racist institution’.  So Kamala […]

What Do Democrats Really Think?

September 2nd, 2021

This sure feels like Mainland China,  French Indochina,  Vietnam,  Cambodia,  and Iraq all over again. Who will ever trust America again?