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The truly sad part is that die-hard LibTurds will always believe that Trump incited the storming of the Congress,  – and that young Kyle came to Kenosha to kill Blacks – and killed two and wounded one of them.   Facts?  They don’t want to hear the FACTS.

Waukesha Christmas Parade Rampage

November 21st, 2021

BREAKING NEWS:   We are advised there may be up to 40 people injured, – early reports of multiple fatalities.  A red SUV has been located, and a male ‘person of interest’ identified. We will update when FACTS are available.  Meanwhile, PRAY! STORY UPDATED:   Monday evening, 22 Nov 2021   Killer Identified! UPDATE:   Tuesday,  23 Nov 2021  […]

We can easily imagine what kind of a monster VP Kneepads must be to work for.  What happened to trigger Ashley’s sudden resignation? What was the breaking point Ashley?

Thomas Binger Is A Public Danger!

November 15th, 2021

NEVER let a Democrap handle a weapon.   They have no clue about firearms safety.

Merrick Garland had a safe lifetime job – Chief Justice of the DC Appeals Court.  But he wanted revenge against conservatives,  so he accepted the job as Biden’s Attorney General (i.e. legal thug). Now Garland is learning that Biden isn’t loyal to anybody except blood family,  – as they pull his legal cover of plausible […]

BLM Threatens Bloodshed In NYC

November 11th, 2021

BLM has come a long long way when they feel bold enough to face an incoming mayor and openly threaten bloodshed. Standing in the way of prosecuting Newsome for racketeering and blackmail are the Soros DAs and Biden’s AG Merrick Garland. If BLM gets away with these threats in NYC,  – they’ll be calling for […]

Assistant DA Thomas Binger (U Mich Law School) is under great political pressure to get a guilty verdict,  – and has played fast and loose with the rules of procedure. Watch as Judge Bruce Schroeder hands him his ass. 

Soros DA Rachael Rollins Heckled!

November 10th, 2021

Not only is she the duly elected Suffolk County DA, – Biden nominated her to be the US Attorney for Massachusetts (on Soros’ instructions of course).  She’s standing at the scene where three Boston Cops were shot, – responding to a ‘domestic’ call. As the violence has increased in Boston,  and Rollins keeps finding […]

Did landing a job beyond her qualifications,  – then getting a steady stream of promotions,  – cause her to believe she was smarter than the Navy’s submarine designers? Where have we seen this behavior before?

No Murder Charges? Either One?

November 8th, 2021