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Media Keeps Hyping Pandemic Porn

December 30th, 2021

We can only guess why,…maybe writing hysterical stories is ~ way ~ cheaper than hiring REAL reporters…? And what would REAL reporters dig into?   Biden’s utter failures?  His mental condition?  Kamala’s “career moves”?  Illegal immigration?  Inflation?  Gas prices?   The growing Chinese Navy?

Did anybody in New Jersey miss this elitist prick? 

How Sick Is China Joe Biden?

December 28th, 2021

He was talking about vaccinations and COVID a week ago – coughing all the way through.  He turned 79 just a month ago, – – seems frail and sickly.  Video clip below the fold.  You decide:

If life here were ever to return to ‘normal’,  – Fauci wouldn’t have a worshipful audience anymore….

Today our mentally defective pResident babbles nonsense,  governors issue lockdowns and mandates, hospitals, police, and the military are discharging unvaccinated workers and troops,  restaurants demand vaccination cards….airlines are canceling hundreds of flights …. Remember that once the Roman Emperor Cæsar Augustus decreed that every Roman subject go to their ancestral home – to be registered […]

We’re guessing she never thought China Joe would still be walking around 11 months into his term….

Chaos is all our major cities!  Soros is grinning ear-to-ear!

       Obey!   Obey!   Obey your all-knowing Government! Doctor Doom’s 35-minute rambling talk below the fold:

Democrats have only two (2) solutions for any issue: more RULES and BLAME!   Last elected in 2018,  she’s been on the Public Payroll since 1975….   Michigan voters are Socialists at heart.

Shrieking Squaw Catch’um COVID?

December 19th, 2021

How many jabs her get’um from White Medicine Man?