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The fight for control of voting in Georgia continues,  – as does the fight for Secretary of State  – the elected official who controls voting in most states.  Georgia’s new Election Law won’t mean diddly if the Secretary of State won’t enforce it,  – and the incumbent,  Brad Raffensperger,  – sure seemed to make a […]

….in a single chance photograph…  The American left-wing media may be playing up Biden’s attendance at the G-7 and today’s meeting (“showdown”) with Putin in Geneva,  – but the look this morning on Vladimir’s face tells the whole story. The only person who thinks this is a meeting of any consequence – is our Village […]

Democrats are happy.  They ~ think ~ Biden will finish Obama’s work and reverse all of Trump’s good deeds and patriotic ideas.  They ~ think ~ we’re headed to World Government….

They were visiting a vaccination site in Harlem’s Abyssinian Baptist Church.   But walking in as FULLY VACCINATED people – still wearing MASKS – sends a very mixed message.   Of course they took no questions from their media acolytes. Can somebody hand Jill Biden a damned COMB?