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Last month they used frogmen to attach limpet mines to 4 ships;  now they’ve upped the ante.  And Kerry and Obama paid for it! You know the Trump sanctions are hurting when they’re using tankers as target practice,  – risking a VERY big war…. video:

Summer 2019 starts with US Marshals trying to serve a warrant on a known violent offender – who pulled a rifle on them – and was killed on the spot. Of course the Black Community (his customers?) became outraged, – rioted into the night hurling stones and bricks at the police.  26 cops injured.

The 54 year old Guatemalan-born 3-term Democrat Congresswoman from Pomona, Calif chose her words carefully – to shock and to be insulting… At RRB we have to ask:   HOW does the gentle-lady determine that certain men are sex-starved? Longer video below the fold:

We’ve been saying this for over 10 years on RRB,  – but it will help the disbelievers to hear it from another voice. Your local Democrat is in league with Pelosi and those Mexican Drug Cartels.  Which foreign enemy will they help conquer us – the Muslims or the Mexicans?

With pin-point accuracy,  Houthi Rebels in Yemen managed to hit the passenger terminal at the Abha Airport in Saudi Arabia – over 50 miles away. If you think of Muslim terrorists as primitive goons with AKs – think again!  The Chinese and their partners the Iranians are arming them with very sophisticated weaponry – because […]

When over 1 million people take to the streets to protest a change in their laws,  you should take careful note!  At issue is far more than cheap goods and patent infringement. The British 99 year lease on Hong Kong expired in 1997,  and was replaced by a ‘treaty’ referred to as “One China – […]

Michigan’s 3rd District Congressman was personally hurt by the Trump tariffs on China, – where his family business gets their merchandise.  So he turned on Trump and advocated for impeachment – the only ‘Republican’ to do so. Now he’s been pilloried back home in town hall meetings,  has a pro-Trump challenger, – and just got […]

Connecticut voters keep voting for über-liberals,  – who keep spending money they don’t have on illegals…. Dan Malloy bankrupted the state – and is on to his new gig in Maine,  – while UTC packs their bags and moves elsewhere….

Gee, could it have been the ongoing AUDIT? Or maybe this photo from last year – which somebody on his team sent to Governor MoonBeam? 32 years on the California State Payroll ~ may ~ have made Hugo feel like he was a member of the untouchable class?  Or maybe for 32 long years he’d […]