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An arrest gone bad,  a dead Black man in police custody,  video,  4 cops summarily fired,  an FBI investigation,  and the smell of tear gas on the evening air. Nothing like the smell of racial unrest and tear gas to welcome the summer to a Democrat-run town….

IMPORTANT!  The tide is shifting.  Listen as a young WH reporter asks if Trump is considering PARDONING Obama…   Why would they even venture such a question if they didn’t all know that Obama was running a corrupt regime…? The media has know all along they were covering for a criminal cartel,…and it seems that at least some […]

She comes from the very center of a family of scandal and tragedy.  At age 62, – is she the secret Biden running mate,  – or even his last-minute stand-in? She emerged from her stint as Obama’s Ambassador to Japan almost unscathed.  Somewhere there is a brutal video of a 2008 interview when she said […]

The weekend before (16-17 May) 6 Dead / 32 Wounded… OF COURSE you’ll hear Democrat politicians pissing,  moaning,  and wetting their pants about “Gun Violence”.  But the GUNS aren’t walking around shooting themselves off;  – young Black and Hispanic men are carrying those guns,  – and shooting each other. Just how cheap have Democrats made […]

PROOF that they KNOW the disease is not a threat to average citizens in good health.  So why the hysteria…? UPDATE:  Tuesday 26 May 2020

Memorial Day 2020

May 24th, 2020

It’s not a ‘holiday’ Folks.   It’s a day to reflect on the Price paid for our Freedom,  to be thankful for all brave patriots – the living and the fallen,  – and to cherish life and the uniqueness of our Young Republic.

At first CNN didn’t know who Fauci was,  and they were bemoaning the lack of FACES OF COLOR at Trump’s first Coronavirus meeting.  Then when they could see a way to steal the 2020 Election, “Doctor Lockdown” became their darling…. Suddenly in just the space of a week Fauci has changed his tune.  Did a […]

He understands Americans, – AND our Constitution! I can’t wait for the first LibTurd governor marched out in handcuffs! 

There it was!   All the PROOF that any thinking American voter will ever need,  – that deep inside him (actually, not very deep) Joe Biden is an unreconstructed racist,  –  and at age 77 he won’t change by Election Day. Joe has lived in a world apart,  where he was served by Black waiters, and […]