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Last summer DC Mayor Muriel Bowser decided to paint in giant yellow letters BLACK LIVES MATTER – down the center of 16th Street.  Yesterday,  she re-issued her mask mandate;  then attended a wedding reception….MASKLESS! Last year Mayor Bowser cut $15 Million from her Police Budget.  Suddenly just 4 days ago – looking at over 100 […]

As readership for the Left’s two flagship rags drops,  – they’ve become desperate for sensational stories….and may even be making up stuff to scare the public.  In doing so,  – have they abandoned Biden to his fates…?

Young Peter Doocy of Fox asks a simple question:  “What happened to your promise that vaccinations would end the need for masks?”   China Joe proved again he cannot give a civil cogent answer.  He resorts to yelling…. It will soon get very scary here in the USA:

Irony?  He spent his entire life cheating to get by.   Now life is cheating him of enjoying being President. Worse,  he’ll be lucky if his handlers decide it’s safe to retire him to Walter Reed. They may want more absolute insurance that his flapping yap stays shut!

The easily-offended Social Justice Warriors (LibTurds) were up in arms…. Suddenly HELP arrived from an unexpected source…