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AOC Barks, – Biden Jumps!

April 17th, 2021

If you thought she was a joke back in 2018,  – take another look.  She’s wire-guiding American Policy through her tweets….

The entire fiction of “Trump Supporters storming the Capitol” needs continual reinforcement and cover-up,  – because under any real examination of the facts (damned facts) it falls apart.

Hopper is undergoing modernization at Pearl.  The previous skipper, – Commander Jeffrey Tamulevich, – was relieved after an attractive young Petty Officer spent too many nights in his cabin. Dawley had been in command for just under a year.

It was a pathetic spectacle Thursday – and really scary,  – to see the so-called Leader of the Free World – unable to speak to reporters without reading from his cheat sheets. If you think our enemies aren’t watching from China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia,  – you’re living in Lollipop Land.

Biting sarcasm and blunt truth packaged as “Intellectual Froglegs”,  – a video worth your time.  Joe doesn’t waste time or words speaking politely about backstabbers.

The American Action Network (AAN) a 501(c)(4) political action group is targeting weak and vulnerable Democrats,  – who sit in seats they think Republicans could win back in 2022. It is really good to see Republicans and Conservatives united and fighting back!

Eight (8) Democrat US Senators voted against his $15/hr minimum wage bill.  It is a major repudiation of his entire socialist agenda.

She’s either off her meds,  – or just plain drunk!  Of course she knows Biden is failing fast,  – that he’s a ginormous joke,  – soon to be sent to a padded suite and replaced by acting pResident Kneepads. And it seems she’s not to far away from her own breakdown.

Neera Tanden is a snarky commie who has worked for every vile Democrat since Mike Dukakis,  – to include both Clintons and Obama.  Biden wanted this foul mouth Witch to run OMB. Joe Manchin objected – strongly!  Tonight the Biden WH pulled her nomination rather than live through a defeat on live TV.  She’ll get […]