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You can claim to be a Republican – but actions speak far louder than words. Massachusetts has a remarkable record of electing gay men and women to both the State Legislature and to Congress. Elaine Nobel,  JamieBoy Eldridge,  Stan Rosenberg,  Liz Malia,  Gerry Studds,  and Barney Frank come quickly to mind.   But in addition to […]

Sad, – pathetic, – disgusting,  – as the FAKE Republicans, the Infiltrators,  and the RiNOs use the flimsiest excuse to unseat the Chairman,  – because Jim Lyons won’t kneel and kiss Charlie Fakers ring.   What happened? Things started when a used Toyoda salesman decided to run for office.

SCOTUS Signals Biden: 9-0

June 7th, 2021

She may be the most glaring reason why DC should never become a state!  There were 198 murders in DC last year,  – mostly Black-on-Black,  and most unsolved.

Well,  she did help with Biden’s Transition Team…

Remember this the next time some lying Democrap tries to tell you they care about Global Warming,  Climate Change,  or Systemic Racism. The simple fact is the O-N-L-Y thing they care about is political power over your life!

Listen Wednesday night;  – it will be historic is so many ways,  – a stolen presidency,  – a puppet pResident,  – who will likely call both George Floyd and Ma’Khia Bryant ‘martyrs’….

AOC Barks, – Biden Jumps!

April 17th, 2021

If you thought she was a joke back in 2018,  – take another look.  She’s wire-guiding American Policy through her tweets….

The entire fiction of “Trump Supporters storming the Capitol” needs continual reinforcement and cover-up,  – because under any real examination of the facts (damned facts) it falls apart.