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Her Congressional salary is $174,000/year.  Did she pay for her own ticket – or illegally use campaign funds? The theme for this year’s Met Gala was “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”.  It could have been called “Left-Wing Whores on Parade”.

Do you think that by now Faker is regretting his 4 years of snide anti-Trump rhetoric?  Anybody remember the last time it took Massachusetts guardsmen to get kids safely to school in Boston?

Late Thursday evening, the SCOTUS delivered the Biden Cabal yet another stinging defeat – ruling that the CDC has no authority under existing law to impose eviction moratoriums on landlords. Now delinquent tenants can either pay up their back rent,  – or move out.  RRB doubts that Pelosi can muster enough votes to pass a […]

He has just equipped the Taliban with an enormous supply of advanced 21st Century arms and equipment;  – and he was prepared to abandon Americans and our allies in place,  – so he could make a boastful speech on 9/11….

The media and the left called it a “Super-spreader Event”… A crowd of over 20,000 waited all afternoon – in the rain.


Destroyed From Within….

July 25th, 2021

Funny how he keeps getting huge crowds,  – and Biden draws hecklers. Video below the fold:

A reading of History,  – from many cultures and across many millennium,  – will cause you to understand that the slave rebellion is a recurring theme.  It even happened here in Colonial America – several times.  Go look it up. Now comes a group of ungrateful slave descendants and immigrant descendants,  – whose ancestors never […]

They are in DC because they don’t want to vote on the Texas voter reform bill that will make it easier to vote,  – but harder to cheat.   Kamala is there because China Joe needs a life insurance policy (like he was for Obama).