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This snide elitist bitch will turn Wolf into a Republican. The look on Blitzer’s face is priceless….  His blunder is thinking he can reason with a power-mad insane person…

Democrats and BLM scum have always been utter goons.  Campbell was attacked in a New Bedford parking lot Monday after a Trump Rally,  – kicked in the head,  – suffered a broken tibia. Random isolated incident – or political warning?  Anybody really expect Bristol County (Democrat) DA Tom Quinn to investigate an attack on a […]

Even today Biden lies about his schooling,  about how his first wife died,  and about his various corrupt business dealings.  To him,  government ‘service’ has always been $ELF-$ERVICE,  and lying to the public is a necessary art form. Now in his diminished mental state – keeping his lies lined up and connected is proving more […]

Biden: “180 Years Ago…?”

September 26th, 2020

Anybody who sees this clear example of a brain melting away,  – and who then STILL intends to vote for Biden,  means to deliberately harm our country!

It’s Judge Amy Coney Barrett!

September 26th, 2020

Democrats are writhing in agony.   Their hatred for our Constitution and for unborn children will spill out of your TV sets and into our streets.

Woody Wants To Term-Limit Judges?

September 25th, 2020

Article III § 1.  “…shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour…”

As a long-suffering MassHole resident, I sure wish we had people in Congress like Dan Crenshaw.   But all we’ve got are socialists, communists, liars, and phonies….a fake Cherokee and a former ice cream man. Video:  

Karma Comes To Evil Jerry Nadler

September 25th, 2020

Fat Jerry and his pal Adam Shift led the failed impeachment probe into Trump.   It seems that Mother Nature paid him back a little – and in public,  – Thursday.   Long overdue!

In 2016,  when Obama nominated a known left-wing loon (Merrick Garland – still on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals) they DEMANDED he get a hearing.   They all referred to our Constitution – because it suited them at the moment.

Trump was in Fayetteville NC Saturday night – it’s a very military town.   Thousands came out to see and be with the Commander.   At one point he talked about filling Ginsburg’s vacant seat. Full rally video below the fold: