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He was serving his 4th term in Congress – essentially set for life,  – and maybe in time for the Speakership.  Then along came the Muslim girl….and scared him into quitting. Maybe Xi Jinping needs another shill…?  

They ran for elected office “to serve the People…”  It was always a lie. Democrats run for office to get dictatorial POWER,  – to enrich themselves,  – and to force others to live according to THEIR visions.  And,…sometimes for ego and revenge.

President Trump, We now face a moment of peril as great,  or greater,  as what General Washington and his men faced in 1776.  The very survival of our nation as a free Constitutional Republic hangs in the balance.  We have but one last chance to save it.  The fate of unborn millions will now depend […]

China Joe Keeps Up The Con….

December 18th, 2020

Appearing on the Stephen Colbert Show last night,  – Biden maintained “great confidence” in his crooked drug-addicted son.  “DOCTOR” Jill grinned right along. Dishonorable discharge,  – Ukrainian money  – Russian money  – Chinese money,  – a knocked-up stripper and a sudden South African bride (5 kids / 3 women),  and a fling with his under-age […]

China Joe As Commander-In-Thief

December 17th, 2020

The whole Biden Klan is corrupt and dirty – and treasonous.  Joe’s definition of “WRONG” would be to let an opportunity to take dirty money go unused.   Soon even lifelong Democrats are going to be ashamed.

Genius!  A two-fer!  A simultaneous offering to GLBTQ Voters and the Chinese makers of replacement shocks and struts…

Our First Third World pResident?

December 13th, 2020

For over 140 years we’ve been chiding banana republics for holding the exact kind of corrupt elections we just held…

The left-wing media and much of the ‘medical profe$$ion’ wasted no time in calling Hodkinson a dangerous wacko. Google his name and see the list of articles.   But listen to him for 5 minutes and judge for yourself: