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It is impossible to fully grasp or describe the depth and scope of the Biden Family corruption, – in the Ukraine,  in Russia,  in China,  and here…. LISTEN! This man – and his son and brother,  – should all be in federal prison – NOT the White House!

As far back as 2005 the Communists were targeting weak and corruptible Americans in high places.  In the Senator from Delaware they found their mole. The Chinese were looking for weak-minded American politicians,  – the ones who didn’t understand History,  – but who would regurgitate buzzwords like “cooperation’ and ‘globalism’…

Joe Biden Buys A Milk Shake

October 18th, 2020

This was Joe’s much-awaited weekend campaign event in North Carolina,  – a stop at Riverside High in Durham –  and a little schmoozing with the locals… The media lapdogs took pictures (NOT of the crowd),  – and asked no questions about Ukrainian and Chinese deals,  crack pipes,  lost laptops,  pregnant strippers,  or court-stacking…. For Joe […]

China Joe’s nerves must be raw by now.  He just snapped at a friendly network. The issue is sticker than most realize.  Under Article I, §9, Para 8 of our Constitution, – the sitting Vice President Joe Biden would have been forbidden from accepting Emoluments from Foreign Powers.   But he did!   And he knows it.  […]

In a predawn parade in Pyongyang,  the NorKs unveiled their new giant ICBM,  – carried on an equally impressive 22-wheel TEL. We are left wondering if China Joe can find Pyongyang on an unmarked map…

A most revealing 38 seconds of video,  – Biden shows anger and frustration,  – says you DON’T DESERVE to know his positions on court-packing…. 50 years as a Democrat office-holder has produced a ruling elitist – who truly believes he is above giving honest answers to peasants.   (Maybe the Chinese haven’t given him the list […]

90-minute video:  

Trump Thanks His Well-Wishers

October 2nd, 2020

Get Well Mister President!

October 2nd, 2020

The seemingly indomitable Trump and Melania tested positive for the Wuhan Coronavirus.  As the Stock Market absorbs the shock,  – suddenly lots of 4-year Trump-Haters are forced to rethink what life would be like here without this giant. RRB is betting these two fine Americans will pull through with nary a bad day,  and will […]

RRB has to give Ted points for agreeing to be interviewed by one of CNN’s most vile and hypocritical anchors,  – and he held his own.    CAUTION:  Painful to watch and listen to! You’ll notice that Ted’s erstwhile attempts to give salient and cogent answers to questions only results in Cuomo flinging more scat […]