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One of Trump’s most low-key and most highly diplomatic appearances,  – and he still manages to deliver some important messages – to the Brits and to Mexico.   Enjoy.

The Trump Train is rolling again!  This time it is a 3-day visit in advance of the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day Normandy Landings in WWII. Once again the Trumps – the whole family – make us proud. video:

Justin is the sole “Republican” in the House to come out in favor of impeaching Trump.  His Town Hall Tuesday drew supporters and critics.  He wasn’t listening to the questions…. It would seem that Justin’s investment in a Chinese company – currently suffering under the Trump Tariffs – has turned him bitter, vengeful, – in […]

He was on his way to speak at the Air Force Academy graduation today,  – stopped for an impromptu chat with the press.  He played them like a master puppeteer!   IT WAS FUN TO WATCH. Video below is just a piece,  – will add the whole thing when it becomes available.  He did tease a […]

It may all be well-intended,  – or it may reflect some inner creepiness,  – but once again with cameras rolling our National Village Idiot got caught up in the moment and reverted to his usual shtick… “I’ll bet you’re as bright as you are good-looking.”  video 

Austrian Chancellor Kurz had the courage to stand up to Germany’s Merkel, but a 2-year old sting video embroiled his Vice-Chancellor Strache in scandal, and the Kurz government just collapsed. As our Democrat (Socialist) Party heads into 2020,  – beware of who their leading thugs seem to be gravitating toward as their horse-holders.  Remember the […]

Between violence by illegal Muslim immigrants,  and the growing Yellow Vest protests against taxes,  Globalism is rapidly losing favor – even amongst socialist Europeans. In Germany,  citizens are buying pistols in record number in the face of Muslim attacks.  People are beginning to understand the dangers,  – and realize that in most cases, the police […]

Thank You God,  for those 1,354,664 scared but brave American Patriots who stood forth to secure our freedom,  guard our shores,  and free enslaved peoples here and around the world for these past 244 years.  May our Young Republic remember them and remain worthy of their blood and heroism. Dear God, if it is Thy […]

His greatest claim to fame is being such a well-known idiot that he kept Obama alive for 8 years…. Ask Joe about his Ukrainian and Chinese deals….

Another Bad Obama Judge

May 25th, 2019