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Very sad!   Despite 8 long years of having a Black Governor in her state,  a Black Suffolk County Sheriff and a Black DA (currently touring Europe),  two Black Attorney Generals,  and a 2-term Black President,  – freshman Massachusetts 7th CD Congresswoman (Boston) Ayanna Pressley rubs more salt in America’s racial wounds. In her questioning of witnesses […]

A Forest Hills, Brooklyn Queens mugging nets $20 and credit cards used for $200 of McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts food. A thug’s gotta eat you know….it’s hard work. The victim, Kevin Wong got 35 stitches and 16 staples.  Will he still be a Democrat? Video

Basketball is over,  coaching a team like Larry Byrd or Kevin McHale is out of his league, – and paparazzi no longer follow him from club to club.  Is he just another washed-up aging freak show? He got himself video-taped running a shoplifting crew. Sad! video:

Goodell, who got a BIG (undisclosed) RAISE from his 2015 salary of $31.7 million, – could have stopped the protest kneeling with one swift edict,  and ~ maybe ~ one forfeited game. But he wanted to be a politically correct pussy,  so he let a minority of Black players (millionaires) cast a racist shadow over […]

This 78-year old lifetime Democrat is not stupid, – he has a Master’s from the University of Alabama. He’s just been an overseer on the Black Voter Plantation so long that to him Black lives…don’t matter…. video:

I have a feeling there is way more to this story than we’re being told.  But is Texas really so short of qualified truck drivers,…that companies need to hire foreign nationals? I wonder if we’ll even know how many of the other drivers crashed with their cell phones in their hands – texting…? video:

UPDATE:   3 PM Thurs 2 May 2019:  A week after this joint FBI/IRS raid,  Pugh has resigned! Next crooked Democrat is up to bat! When flung onto the Scales of Justice,  Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh’s sins are relatively small potatoes…  But today we watched a joint FBI / IRS raid collect boxes full of […]

America’s two-tiered Justice Farce continues,  – with Black murderers getting reprieves from the Death Penalty,  – no matter who they kill. In 1981,  Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal (b. Wesley Cook) shot Philadelphia Cop Daniel Faulkner in the back,  – then executed him with a kill shot to his face.  He got the Death Penalty….  And […]

So very rare…  President Trump has listened to the various Sanctuary City mayors,  and he’s about to give them MORE of the people they so openly wish to have on their welfare rolls…. At RRB we can’t understand why this made Nancy Pelosi angry…. 2 clips:

It was barely 4 years ago Baltimore was BURNING!  Freddie Gray – a troubled Black youth,  had died in a paddy wagon,  and Baltimore’s Black population accused the Police of killing him.  Then-mayor Rawlings-Blake told the police to let the town burn. Now their new mayor – Cantering Pugh – is on Leave of Absence […]