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Folks,  we are watching a man fall deeper and deeper into the dementia pit every passing day. In a normal citizen this would be pathetic and sad.  In somebody with Biden’s life record,  – it seems like Justice or Karma…

ENJOY! Trump At CPAC 2020

February 29th, 2020

Trump is holding MAGA rallies around the country faster than Bernie can think of new government giveaways! Amazing!  In liberal Colorado over 20,000 people came to Colorado Springs hoping to get in, – but the Broadmoor World Arena can only hold 8,000.   video: 

Their only issues will be who can spiral us into Third World Bankruptcy fastest,  – and who hates Trump’s successes the most. Every damned one of them would lead a re-write of our Constitution,  – to eliminate the Electoral College and our 2nd Amendment,  – but add a fake Equal Rights Amendment to fool the […]

This should be a show worth watching – for the fireworks alone!

The Best Is Yet To Come!

February 18th, 2020

Trump’s latest campaign video – certainly equal to Reagan’s Morning in America! A little History lesson for those of you who weren’t here back 36 years ago: VIDEO 

“Anybody can plant corn” he says…. “I can teach you!” What a perfect example of how the Democrat Party elites look down upon working Americans, – including the people working to put food on their table!  2 videos:

Some days you read a story so far-fetched and ludicrous you have to wonder if the editors were just filling empty space… This would be Trump’s “dream team” to run against:

Hey Media! Don’t Poke The Bear!

February 13th, 2020

The left-wing media is always fishing for useful sound-bites,  and they’re always baiting Trump. They’re still underestimating his instincts,  – and his readiness to counter-punch with a well-rehearsed response. Once again the media asks a question they wish they hadn’t: