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More Communism From Union Teachers

September 19th, 2021

Growing up – did you have the kind of teachers who wanted you to succeed,  – or the kind worried about their paychecks, benefits, and tenure…? Today the union teachers want a test which shows that a student “improved”;  – but NOT a test which demonstrates they can READ to a minimal required level – […]

A Sad, Angry Look Back Today.

September 11th, 2021

Read all those names,  – ring all those bells, – dedicate all the monuments that make you feel good.   But if you voted for Obama to prove how pro-Muslim you could be,  – then re-elected him after Benghazi,  – then voted for the brain-dead Biden,  – you are exactly the dolt bin Laden said you […]

Some people feel the pain of the Kabul travesty a lot more personally than others.  Saw this today along the King’s Highway between Middleton and Wolfeboro. I don’t think he voted for Biden;  – I know he won’t in 2024!

He has just equipped the Taliban with an enormous supply of advanced 21st Century arms and equipment;  – and he was prepared to abandon Americans and our allies in place,  – so he could make a boastful speech on 9/11….

The media and the left called it a “Super-spreader Event”… A crowd of over 20,000 waited all afternoon – in the rain.

Trump & Pompeo were getting ready.   They created a State Department team ready to handle emergency evacuations of overseas Americans – anywhere. In June – the Biden Cartel dissolved it.

Stand UP For Derrick Wilburn!

August 18th, 2021

This sure feels like Mainland China,  French Indochina,  Vietnam,  Cambodia,  and Iraq all over again. Who will ever trust America again?

The brains and courage to stand up to the establishment Nazis! 

It is a recurring theme in human history;  – granting even a little POWER to the wrong people will have significant and long-term bad results. Watch the video below the fold – as School Board Commissar Chris McCune forgets who he works for and snatches the microphone from school mom Anita Edgarian (an Iranian immigrant […]