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With just 17 months before the next election, it is vital to our survival that you who read RRB do your part to awaken and inform America’s vast herds of stupid and deliberately ignorant voters, – because our Young Republic is at a Tipping Point. Too many Americans seem willing – even eager – to […]

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris – begun in 1163, burns…. No matter what the French find, they’ll take great pains to bury the facts!

It was scary,…almost like living in Venezuela,…when Facebook wouldn’t open – worldwide. At first I thought RRB was blocked,  – then that either the NorKs or the Persians had popped an EMP nuclear bomb over Menlo Park. It was a damn good reminder that in the 21st Century our infrastructure is very fragile.   What will […]

We stand humbled and amazed that what started in sheer frustration with Acton’s cowardly and inept RiNO RTC,…has survived and thrived for 10 years. So many friends and allies to thank,  – so many computers burned through,  – so many brushes with death averted by wonderful doctors…. Looking back, we were pretty naïve in the […]

Who knew?  Maybe he thought he could amass a fortune in Saudi and Russian money,  – the way Bill and Hillary did….? Maybe he just needs to see his name everywhere he goes? America’s most treasonous narcissist was in Berlin,  – trying to tell “Progressives” not to form “Circular Firing Squads”.

As the SECOND prolonged power outage brings modern life in Socialist Venezuela to a standstill, opposition leader Juan Guaidó asked his followers to gather outside Maduro’s Palace. It was risky,  Maduro’s remaining loyal military – and his Russian bodyguards,  – might have opened fire…. video

Numbers They Tried To Bury!

April 4th, 2019

You know the Media will downplay this story!  

There was a meeting in San Francisco to discuss their new and very expensive homeless shelter…. New Mayor London Breed got an EARFULL!   video:

College Gate:  The Hollywood Criminal Class came to court yesterday in Boston – amid a media and fan circus outside Federal Court. Gay actor Kevin Spacey didn’t even bother to show up for a hearing in Nantucket,  – too important and busy you know….