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Cuts! Cuts! Cuts! Cancellations!

November 11th, 2020

5 routes shortened,  14 routes ‘consolidated’,  25 routes eliminated,  6 rail stations and the ferries closed.   All for a highly survivable Chinese virus?   Or is this Charlie Faker’s own Green New Deal?

Trump To Resume MAGA Rallies!

November 9th, 2020

Charlie Kirk recorded this back on May 18th.   It’s STILL TRUE today!  This 27-year old Conservative has an extremely clear grasp on the nature of American politics in 2020.

Those Americans didn’t serve,  and fight,  and die so that future generations of uneducated and pussified Americans could vote to discard our sovereignty and be governed by a family of corrupt Delaware thieves, liars, and plagiarizers. Whether you see your vote as a privilege or a right,  – it comes with an equally heavy responsibility.   DON’T BLOW […]

We Lost A True Legend Today….

October 29th, 2020

Florida Rallies: Trump vs Biden

October 29th, 2020

Yesterday it was Arizona;  today it was Florida.  The Biden campaign attempted to show vigor and enthusiasm,  – but Biden continued to show his age and his anger…. Judge for yourselves – where were the Biden Crowds…?

As Trump and the crowd watched the action  – they were all unaware that the F-16s were intercepting an unauthorized interloper into the restricted airspace. By popping flares,  the F-16s got the attention of the civilian pilot – who will be talked to….

Reading this morning’s sad headlines,  – you might think we had never had a Black American President.   Maybe we didn’t…. Maybe we had a mixed-race man,  – one who hated both halves of his DNA,   and hated our country so much he spent his 8 years in the White House,  – and these years since […]

Trump Song by Camille & Haley

October 28th, 2020

As I post this video,  I’m thanking God these young ladies didn’t grow up to be Bernie Babes – – like so many of their brainwashed age group.  Enjoy! Wanna see a little more clean entertainment?

Yesterday,  Sunday, Oct 25th 2020 – was a busy day for Trump Parades, – from Long Island to the West Coast.  This one in Arizona was colorful. Two (2) videos. Enjoy!