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Judge Benitez noted that despite California’s 1989 ban – there are an estimated 185,569 legally registered ARs and AKs in California,  – called the AR-15 the “Swiss Army Knife of weapons”,  “…a perfect combination of home defense weapon and homeland defense equipment.  Good for both home and battle.” And T-H-A-T Folks – is EXACTLY what […]

Carmel is a town of 35,000+ barely an hour north of NYC,   where the Hudson Highlands meet the Taconic Mountains.   It’ a rich town.  A fight has been smoldering there for months,  – as the liberal all-white school board has let their teacher’s union run amok with Critical Race Theory.   This mom is fighting back. […]

She may be the most glaring reason why DC should never become a state!  There were 198 murders in DC last year,  – mostly Black-on-Black,  and most unsolved.

He doesn’t understand the technology,  – is too corrupt to care,  – is surrounded by commies and crooks,  – despises Republicans,  – and will sign away our Freedoms and our Security for 30 pieces of silver…and a photo-op.

Born: 7 August 1942 Hugo, OK     Departed: 29 May 2021    Lung Cancer  All the great singers of my lifetime are dying off….  MORE: 

This is the most solemn weekend of the year,  – when we remember those who took up arms to fight for our liberty and our freedom – and who died doing it.   Some died in a flash,  – in a merciful painless instant;  – others died slowly,  in excruciating agony,  while others starved or froze,  […]

We get a lot of leads at RRB,  – more than we can check out each day.  But this one is pretty solid,  – and is bound to outrage the Green Energy Cult. CAUTION:  Video contains actual FACTS and Numbers (aka ‘Math’),  – known to cause severe heartburn and emotional stress in mindless liberal believers.

Talk about being an ungrateful guest in a foreign land…. Doesn’t understand the First Amendment?   Is he applying to be a member of the Democrat Party?   Or for a job with Facebook?    They don’t understand it either….

There were rumblings – even earthquakes in 2020;   then shortly after Biden was sworn in,  the eruptions began.  Biden is a Global Warming believer – because Bernie and AOC told him so,  – but Mother Nature (aka God) has different ideas. Watch the videos – see if you can calculate how many windmills and solar […]