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Private thoughts?  Forbidden!  Contrary viewpoints?  A FIRING offense! Vermont is known for it’s natural beauty,  skiing,  growing and smoking a lot of weed,  and protecting the family pedophiles.  Now they’ve fully embraced the BLM white guilt propaganda, and you dare not speak out!!

Tory Bullock is a slave decedent – living in Boston, – where he’s found a statue of The Great Emancipator – that he feels is offensive. Of course pussycrat Mayor Marty Walsh is all for it.   Hey Tory, – how about you building the REPLACEMENT STATUE before you open your yap again…?

Six minutes of Slow Joe bragging about his crime bill.   Today Black Americans hate what it did to young Black men – and to Black families.  If you’re too young to remember the 90s,  – watch and learn how Democrats were trying to win votes.

What’s needed is a peacekeeping buffer zone between CHAZ and the USA. Maybe the UN will send Peacekeepers… To Globalists like Durkan and Inslee, UN Peacekeepers would be far preferable to US Infantry from Fort Lewis.

The Soros Mob that took over six city blocks in Seattle, – and then occupied City Hall have suffered an embarrassing public humiliation:  Their “dinner guests” stole all their food. While Mayor Durkan and Governor Jay Inslee may be content to wait out the rebels, – in hopes that they’ll get really hungry and fade […]

A “What if” question for Liberals…. Suppose your local Police Department is disbanded…?

Music you could dance to, and understand the words! 3 videos:

Finally!   We can stop “spreading our wealth around”!