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Losers Are Picking Bernie Again!

February 20th, 2019

Socialism has always appealed to life’s losers – the B- and C students who struggled to grasp subjects, had no athletic talent,  and weren’t popular.  Since they never knew the satisfaction of personal achievements and honest rewards,  – they adopted the politics of greed, envy, and BLAME. They are everywhere amongst us today – some […]

President’s Day:  Trump addresses an audience of Venezuelan and Cuban refugees,  and promises that this country will never become socialist. “When the people of Venezuela are free,  – when Cuba is free,  – when Nicaragua is free, – this will be the FIRST FREE Hemisphere in all of Human History!”

I had to post this one.   With all the Media attention Socialist Ocasio-Cortez has been getting for her wacky Green New Deal,…it was good to see these young Americans actually reject her snake-oil once they’d read the label. Too bad Maryland’s 3rd US Senator – Chevy Chase Eddie,  – didn’t read the label before he […]

Oh JOY!  This is going to be funnier than Pat Paulsen….. For over 100 years Democrats / Progressives / Socialists have DREAMED of having a Woman President,….  This year their dream may be self-destructing before our very eyes….

The evening was a study in contrasting world views – Trump the American Patriot – vs a room half-full of 21st Century Socialists bent on tearing down our Young Republic…. full video:

Fox News just uncovered her Texas Bar Registration Card from 1986, – she listed herself as American Indian – and signed it! At RRB we’ve lost count of the number of times the Squaw DENIED that she ever used a claim of being “Native American” to advance her career….

Watching the horde of anti-Trump Democraps crawling all over each other – like lobsters in a tank,  – to become the 2020 challenger,…I am struck by the contrasts between the greedy,  the socialists,  and the egotistical…. …and I am reminded that in our darkest hours,  our Young Republic was blessed with leaders who wanted nothing […]

Michael Moore Has A New Queen!

February 3rd, 2019

The Fat Man crowns AOC “Leader of 2020 Dems”! And he wants Congress to lower the age limit for US Presidents,  – proving he’s never read or understood our Constitution. video:

Under Vladimir Putin the Russians have spent enormous sums to rebuild their military,  but often not with the best engineering…. Two videos of their main bombers crashing,  – in both cases the drag chutes do not seem to deploy in time….  The rest is metal fatigue and airframes that probably should have been retired.

At RRB we’re thinking you won’t see this on CNN…. Keep up the FIRE Mister President, the rats are running for their burrows!