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Princess Walking Eagle was in Sioux City looking for votes, poll numbers, and money. But first she had to lie her way out of her Cherokee Lie…and that ain’t easy,  – when you’ve long ago forgotten how many versions of Granny’s tall tales you’ve told gullible listeners. video 

A very evil man is PAYING for all this violence!  Portland Oregon is a proving ground – a field test for the foot soldiers of George Soros.  He knows it works – he watched it in Germany in the 1930s.  Your public school union teachers have given him a nearly endless supply of useful idiots […]

People waited outside the SNHU Arena for 2 days to see him….and a handful came to protest. The arena officially holds 11,770.  Enjoy the videos:

All his “career” he’s made a living being a victimized Black,…now what will he do?  Who will pay him to keep trashing America? Where can an aging race-baiter find work in 2019,  – except maybe for CNN or one of the 20+ Socialist candidates…? 

Another spoiled son of privilege decides he really hates the country that he CHOSE to represent, – and takes a knee in Lima Peru. Race Imboden, 26, is an American fencer who won a bronze medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics.  He makes a living as a men’s fashion model.

Bad news Democrats, – your EBT Ghetto Slaves have escaped! 

6,000 years of written History prove conclusively that only when would-be tyrants FEAR their armed populace,  are they restrained from their most despotic and evil actions. Our Founders fully understood this,  – and fearing that future generations might lose their resolve to stand and defend their hard-won Liberty,  they gave us our 2nd Amendment to […]

Democrats ALWAYS Over-React!

August 6th, 2019

Today they want FEDERAL LAWS requiring US Citizens to turn in their “Military Assault Weapons” – or go to jail.  It has a familiar ring.  But Democrats are lousy at real math. 78 years ago their FEAR was placed in decent American Citizens of Japanese ancestry,  – so they ordered them rounded up – in […]

WAKE UP!  The left-wing media is using the term “Trade War” to fool uneducated Americans and turn them against Trump.  By doing so,  they’ve sided with the Chinese. This is a test to see if Americans – at EVERY LEVEL – are willing to stand up for our Nation, our People, our Sovereignty, and our […]