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Singer – songwriter – soldier – entrepreneur – proud American!  You may have moved on Lloyd,  but your music lingers!

The traveling Bidens got all the way to Plains Georgia Monday,  – but still not down to the Mexican border….

Aah the nostalgia,  – his years of taking Amtrak into Washington DC.  Biden is making a pitch for throwing government money into a rail system when people are now working from home. video

This is a day in American History that few Democrats have ever understood. This humble blogger has walked the battlefields….   Standing on the Battle Green in Lexington Center,  I can still smell the blood.

CAUTION!   Really rough photos:

RRB began in the frustrating weeks following the election of the America-hating Muslim Obama, – when it became clear that the RiNO-dominated Acton Republican Town Committee was led by self-serving pussified political cowards,  – fearful of ‘offending’ the town’s Democrat Party leaders.

April Fool’s Day 2021

April 1st, 2021

The Communist Chinese have the American pResident they’ve dreamed of for decades;  – a wire-guided coin-operated babbling puppet,  – no longer even capable of cogent thoughts or words. Today in Pittsburgh China Joe Biden announced the bare-bones framework for his $2 TRILLION “infrastructure bill” – a combination of the familiar “roads & bridges” and AOC’s […]

We shouldn’t spend another dime or cast another uninformed vote before we know the hard truth….  

Two US Senators make a press splash:  They refuse to confirm any WHITE nominees presented by China Joe.  They demand to see Asian and Pacific Islanders in his cabinet and among his White House Staff. Since being called out for their racism on the Tucker Carlson show,  – they ~ seem ~ to have backed […]