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Destroyed From Within….

July 25th, 2021

Funny how he keeps getting huge crowds,  – and Biden draws hecklers. Video below the fold:

A reading of History,  – from many cultures and across many millennium,  – will cause you to understand that the slave rebellion is a recurring theme.  It even happened here in Colonial America – several times.  Go look it up. Now comes a group of ungrateful slave descendants and immigrant descendants,  – whose ancestors never […]

A failing US Economy is exactly what China wants! 

         It is with gut wrenching sadness that we post this announcement. A totally good and gentle man!  His insightful comments will be missed on RRB.   Damn shame he died while Biden is in office….having survived Deval Patrick and Obama.

Once again the Biden cabal is being caught flat-footed as protests in Havana grow into riots.   And today there are smart phones everywhere. The Castro regime has been in power in Cuba for 62 years – since January 1959. Imagine the consternation within the ranks of America’s communists (Democrap Party) to see it failing so […]

If anybody out there thinks the Trump era ended with the stolen election,  he or she better recalculate!  Here is Trump at CPAC Dallas Sunday 11 July 2021.  The sound starts slowly – stay with it…. ————————-SEE THE LEFT’S REACTION——-