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Tuesday is the 90th Birthday of the People’s Liberation Army, and President Xi Jinping – in his Army fatigues – held a ‘little parade’ at a remote airstrip in Inner Mongolia. He had several audiences:  his own people,  the Russians,  the Taiwanese,  the NorKs,  and of course, Donald Trump and the US.

Photos emerge from the G20 meeting,…and Hillary-loving Trump haters are going to be very sick. Because it seems that several members of the Trump family are comfortable with international diplomacy,….maybe from years of running international businesses…?

Today’s attack on a hospital in Kabul – by ISIS fighters wearing white doctor’s coats and suicide vests – pretty much tells you everything you need to know about Islam. They killed at least 30, – staff and patients.  Two blew themselves up.  Two were killed.  ISIS is an a struggle against the Taliban for […]

Many of you have seen this short video on Facebook . If you haven’t,  take the 4 minutes! Vetting immigrants from hostile lands isn’t a “Trump Issue”,  – it’s a survival issue;  – but for 8 years Obama giggled and looked the other way…   WHY?

Don’t Look Back Obama….

January 19th, 2017

…..we’re not waving!  You’re about to enter a special hell that only Jimmy Carter can begin to appreciate.   You should have studied his presidency…. Too late now.   Really,  – don’t look back!   Almost every thing you broke and tried to ruin – an American grown-up is about to start fixing.   He’ll have most of this nation behind […]

The Chicago Community Organizer – who was so much more clever than Bush,  – is departing office with an unearned medal,….leaving our Country’s Military in a far weaker posture than when he came into office 8 years ago…. Projecting power and deterring adventurism was never part of Obama’s agenda for the United States.  He came […]

Obama Awards Himself A Medal

January 5th, 2017

How much proof of narcissism does America need in his final days…? Obama staged his “Farewell to the Military” Wednesday;  – and awarded himself a Participation Trophy – the DoD Distinguished Public Service Medal.   Did our guys at Benghazi get a medal…?

The FBI Has BLOWN IT – Again…

September 21st, 2016

Three people who plotted and conspired to do great, – lethal harm,  to the American people;  – EACH investigated by the FBI,…and EACH TURNED LOOSE to commit their evil acts. When Trump becomes President,  he’ll need to rebuild our FBI with REAL investigators, – and dump the politically correct bumbling asswipes.

“Person of Interest” in NYC and NJ bombings…. If we’d left him in Afghanistan,  the Taliban would have killed him, – or maybe the warlords.   So he comes here – and tries to kill US?   Gotta love that Muslim way of thinking. UPDATE!   Captured following gun battle.

Handcuffs For Hillary 2016

June 10th, 2016

Key Words:  Deliberate ? Premeditated ? Criminal ? Depraved Indifference ? Conspiracy  ? Tax Evasion Did Hillary and aides used her illegal PRIVATE EMAIL SERVER to discuss pending secret drone strikes INSIDE Pakistan.   The ISI could have easily intercepted the emails and texts and alerted the Taliban target. EVERYTHING Hillary has stated in defense of […]