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Trump Rally In Florence Arizona

January 16th, 2022

With the Dementia Patient at the helm,   and an actual whore waiting to take his place,  our Young Republic is in the midst of our most dangerous days since August 14th 1814,  – the day the British Army burned the White House. Surviving 2022,  – until the new Congress is sworn in on Monday,  2 […]

Merry Christmas Democraps!

December 18th, 2021

He’s accomplished every task set out for him by Putin,  Xi,  Soros,  Bezos,  Zuckerberg,  BLM, and Planned Parenthood.  He should be wearing his sponsor’s labels.

WSJ Has Very Bad News For Biden

December 8th, 2021

Just eleven months in office, – his poll numbers are tanking.  Between his Afghanistan Surrender,  the Southern Border,  and his Vaccine Mandates,  we’re shocked that he has any fans left at all…..

Two Career #uck-Ups!

December 4th, 2021

We can easily imagine what kind of a monster VP Kneepads must be to work for.  What happened to trigger Ashley’s sudden resignation? What was the breaking point Ashley?

Do they even have souls…?  What kind of political party are they,  – and what do they really believe in? The FIRST QUESTION they need to ask themselves is:  Do they believe the United States is an inherently GOOD country;   or do they believe we are inherently racist and evil?   Then they need to ask […]

Sort of destroys his ‘tough guy’ self-image…  What drugs is he taking for his dementia?  Time for retirement to Walter Reed?

Both the Pope and Biden believe that ‘Climate Change’ provides plausible cover for wealth redistribution.