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At the upper layer of stupid was the feigned outrage these office workers were spinning,  – that they “couldn’t bear the idea of providing beds to kids in cages”…  And with that emotion spent, their thinking stopped. Without the beds, W-H-E-R-E did they think the kids would be sleeping?  In Holiday Inns? RRB has a […]

Joe made himself so unpopular with fellow Democrats that in 2016 they provided his Senate Primary opponent Katie McGinty $1,500,000. He brags about being “Admiral Joe”,  – but doesn’t explain how in 2005 CNO Mike Mullen abruptly ended his career.  Maybe it was because he publicly advocated cutting the Navy by 115 ships…? And then […]

“Racism is a bloody stain on this country’s history and I consider our failure to pay reparations directly to freed slaves after the civil war to be one of the greatest injustices ever perpetuated by the US Government.” “Black Americans have fought too long for the right to define themselves,  to be spoken for in […]

For the folks who waited up to 2 full days – since very early Monday, the Boss did not disappoint! He hit every subject area – Promises Made, Promises KEPT! Enjoy the video: 

Have you seen those left-wing polling figures suggesting that Trump’s popularity is slumping?  But – have you seen folks lining up 2 days ahead to hear any of the Democrats? Do you suppose that the majority of THINKING and Tax PAYING Americans understand what a unique and marvelous President we have – at last?

Embarrassing!  3-Term MassHole CongressCritter Seth Moulton, – staunchly anti-Trump and anti-gun, – but endorsed by Crooked Johnny Pockets – isn’t being seated for the Democrat Debates this month. Hey MassHoles up in the 6th CD,  – you think ~ maybe ~ your guy doesn’t command much respect?

The 54 year old Guatemalan-born 3-term Democrat Congresswoman from Pomona, Calif chose her words carefully – to shock and to be insulting… At RRB we have to ask:   HOW does the gentle-lady determine that certain men are sex-starved? Longer video below the fold:

Dubuque, Iowa  Sun nite 2 June 2019:  Horrible and grotesque!  Senator Gillibrand (D-NY) is a guest at a Fox Town Hall,  and gets a question from the audience about her support for late-term or last trimester abortion. She never answers the question – – instead attacks Fox and claims women have a “Constitutional Right to […]

The Squaw and Chevy Chase Eddie – two people who never had ANY intentions of representing Massachusetts in the US Senate. In the beginning (1787) the Senators were supposed to act as the Ambassadors of the States – chosen by each state legislature,  – and they were to represent the interest of their respective state.  […]

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is an anti-gun Democrat in the mode of John Kerry, Seth Moulton, and Gabriel “Navy Seal” Gomez,  – they specifically don’t want mere CIVILIANS to own them. Since Buttigieg makes a big deal of his wartime experiences, – let’s see if he has the stones to sit down with Colin Noir…. video: