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This sure feels like Mainland China,  French Indochina,  Vietnam,  Cambodia,  and Iraq all over again. Who will ever trust America again?

    Brace yourselves:   Arm Candy will be left in charge!

It is a recurring theme in human history;  – granting even a little POWER to the wrong people will have significant and long-term bad results. Watch the video below the fold – as School Board Commissar Chris McCune forgets who he works for and snatches the microphone from school mom Anita Edgarian (an Iranian immigrant […]

Maybe…he couldn’t find 200 party staffers – even at $15.oo / hour…?

Last summer DC Mayor Muriel Bowser decided to paint in giant yellow letters BLACK LIVES MATTER – down the center of 16th Street.  Yesterday,  she re-issued her mask mandate;  then attended a wedding reception….MASKLESS! Last year Mayor Bowser cut $15 Million from her Police Budget.  Suddenly just 4 days ago – looking at over 100 […]