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Assistant DA Thomas Binger (U Mich Law School) is under great political pressure to get a guilty verdict,  – and has played fast and loose with the rules of procedure. Watch as Judge Bruce Schroeder hands him his ass. 

Soros DA Rachael Rollins Heckled!

November 10th, 2021

Not only is she the duly elected Suffolk County DA, – Biden nominated her to be the US Attorney for Massachusetts (on Soros’ instructions of course).  She’s standing at the scene where three Boston Cops were shot, – responding to a ‘domestic’ call. As the violence has increased in Boston,  and Rollins keeps finding […]

Compared to somebody like RiNO Charlie Faker,  Sununu is a REAL Republican and a solid common sense governor.

He was the honor grad from Georgetown Law, – and a strident leader of many left wing causes like gay rights and anti-gun laws.  A few years back he seemed to burn out.  Was his arrest for DUI the breaking point? Suicide may have ended HIS pain,  but what about his son Archer?

Vaccine Mandates? No Way José!

November 7th, 2021

Would-be Emperor (dictator) China Joe Biden got bitch-slapped by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals – down in New Orleans Saturday. Well Deserved! The Vaccine & Mask Zealots of the Left are in a real snit this weekend.

Why Teachers Should Carry Guns!

November 5th, 2021

How long will these tender geniuses last down in Fort Madison in Iowa State? They’re just 16 year old.  Their victim was Nohema Graber – their 66 year old Spanish teacher, – who they ambushed after school in a public park,  and buried under a tarp,  a wheelbarrow,  and railroad ties. Willard has already ratted out […]

Do they even have souls…?  What kind of political party are they,  – and what do they really believe in? The FIRST QUESTION they need to ask themselves is:  Do they believe the United States is an inherently GOOD country;   or do they believe we are inherently racist and evil?   Then they need to ask […]