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For the second full year in a row – the insanity continues in Communist Oregon. George Soros has picked Seattle and Portland as his training grounds,  – his basic training camps for AntiFA and BLM.  He’s been aided and abetted by Communist city councils,  mayors,  prosecutors,  and two utterly spineless governors.

It was a pathetic spectacle Thursday – and really scary,  – to see the so-called Leader of the Free World – unable to speak to reporters without reading from his cheat sheets. If you think our enemies aren’t watching from China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia,  – you’re living in Lollipop Land.

“She speaks FOR me.”  The transition from Biden to Harris has already begun.   Is this what Democrats voted for?  Did they understand that Joe was losing his faculties as fast as he is losing his hair? Harris has already proven herself evil,  soulless,  and ruthlessly ambitious.  Honest Americans should be cringing,  – even as they […]

We know that Joe Biden got caught cheating in Law School;  and given her emotional TV outburst, we wonder if Ms. Hostin was given the AA/EEO glide path through Notre Dame Law….  Neither one seems to understand the foundations of our Constitution.

Watch Biden make a GUN ISSUE out of this…. Over time we will learn that the shooter had a history of mental and criminal issues.  But Democrats will continue to demand that YOUR guns be banned and outlawed.  Too bad there weren’t armed customers and staff…

It promises to be a long,  hot,  and bloody summer;  – and nobody in the Biden-Harris White House has a clue. Perim Island and the Gate of Tears: Bab-el-Mandeb is the ancient Gate of Tears – the 5-mile wide passage between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden – and on to the Indian […]

The hard left HATES this guy,  the LGTBQ fascists seethe with hate for him.  Could he be telling the Truth? Evangelical:   “A worldwide trans-denominational movement within Protestant Christianity that maintains the belief that the essence of the Gospel consists of the doctrine of salvation by grace alone, solely through faith in Jesus’s atonement.  Evangelicals believe […]

The Progressive’s (communist’s) campaign to remake our Supreme Court has begun – with a NY Times op-ed from a wacky Colorado law professor.  First they stole the Presidential Election by hacking voting machines,  – and did it again to steal the two Georgia US Senate seats.  That was just the set-up… NOW they want the […]

Trump has sent Cease and Desist Letters to the RNC,  the RNCC,  and the RNSC to stop using his name and likeness (photos / images) in fundraising. He’s learned an important lesson;  – that not everybody who claims to be a Republican really is, – and many are coin-operated RiNOs and backstabbers,  – like the […]