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In the vernacular of the Old West – this is known as a “Mexican Standoff”.   Don’t allow this to happen to you. If you carry (and you SHOULD)  – resolve now to drop the other guy before he can level his barrel at you.  God forbid you are ever in this kind of jeopardy,  but […]

There seem to be 4 distinct groups:  The AntiFA rioters,  the “Press”,  the Federal and Portland cops,  – and the stupid onlookers who came to watch the excitement. This video is over three (3) hours long,  we moved the start point to where the action began to heat up.

Lasers in the eyes of cops,  industrial power tools to take down a fence,  explosives thrown at the cops,  bystanders beaten,  burning city trucks,….is this in any way about George Floyd,  – or is this the opening battle in our 21st Century Communist Civil War? Two videos: You Decide!

Don’t mess with Texas! When you ‘protest’ the wrong issues,  and do so by threatening violence against others (statues, police,  the rich,  – a different race),  – and you’re carrying weapons as part of your protests,…there is an inevitability of death.  It came Saturday night on the streets of Austin Texas.  VIDEO:

Kentucky can be DAMNED HOT in July! There is shade just ½ block away,  but the organizers failed to recon or plan. 

Louisville and the Louisville Police have become targets of Black wrath after the death of Breonna Taylor,  – killed in a no-knock drug raid on the wrong house.

The left-wing fool probably thought his liberalism would keep him safe from the mob of ‘protesters’.  So he tried to speak directly to them.  He discovered he’s not popular with them. Three videos:  As you watch, – understand that this mob has been there for nearly 55 days,…and ask yourself WHO is paying their bills?

Maybe it was that banner hanging across the Guinea Gangplank, – maybe it was Trump’s offer of sending in enough help to solve the problem, but Mayor de Blasio set the NYPD on Occupy City Hall early Wednesday morning: Remember,  Black Lives Matter are HIS chosen people,  so we gotta wonder what made the Big […]

Nice job by the drone photographer!