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Memorial Day 2020

May 24th, 2020

It’s not a ‘holiday’ Folks.   It’s a day to reflect on the Price paid for our Freedom,  to be thankful for all brave patriots – the living and the fallen,  – and to cherish life and the uniqueness of our Young Republic.

When Steny Hoyer – who served with Markey for 4 decades,  – endorses young JPK III, – you know Markey is a dead man walking!

A number of you left-wing governors across our land are using the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic to trample our Constitution and micro-manage our lives … But Fate,  Karma,  and Mother Nature just might gang up to humiliate you;  – so you might want to reconsider your dictatorial actions and your imperial attitudes.

It was once a vaunted Law School,  – but over several decades recast itself as a Communist Training Academy. Today,  any firm hiring a Columbia Law grad understands they’re hiring a highly (and expensively) trained Communist revolutionary.

It was stiffer upper Botox lip time for the Wicked Witch as she swore in two freshman Republicans to the final months of the 116th Congress. Mike is an Annapolis grad and F-18 fighter pilot with 30 missions over Iraq. Each won special elections on May 12th – and will have to run for reelection […]

I expected a LOT of police,  but today’s show of force in Swampscott was over the top,  – clearly meant to intimidate honest hard-working citizens.  It failed.  You’d have thought that President Trump was paying a visit to Chicken Charlie FAKER,  – but the truth is FAKER was likely elsewhere, – in hiding – trying […]

So refreshing these days as we’re watching various police forces enforce arbitrary and unconstitutional EDICTS – issued by governors and mayors who clearly don’t understand or support our Constitution…. When a soldier or a police officer departs from their sworn duty, – and follows an illegal / unlawful order and commits an act in violation […]

Not everybody in Massachusetts is living in fear of the Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu. We think you’ve over-reacted and over-reached in your attempt to unseat Trump.   Do you really want Fast Finger Joe…?

At RRB,  we just love it when the Folks rise up to protest petty tyrants and wannabe dictators.   It happened again today as Californians (yeah, those liberal Left Coasties) came out en masse to tell Governor Newsom to “Shove it!”  Behold Huntington Beach: And in the Capital of Sacramento – other protesters stormed the Capitol,  – […]

Michigan’s MoonBat Anti-Trump Governor Gretchen Whitmer is feeling voter back-lash – BIG TIME! When they come this heavily armed,  your arbitrary actions and executive orders have gotten their attention!