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Trump Rally In Florence Arizona

January 16th, 2022

American Weakness On Display

December 30th, 2021

Once upon an Election Year – Democraps and their media allies fooled American voters with a con job: Biden had a PLAN!        BUT,…there was no ‘Plan’,…not even a complete man:

If she decides to run again in 2024,  will a live Bill be an asset?   Will a live Maxwell be providing the tabloids with a constant drip of juicy details…?  Decisions,  Decisions… How many more does she need to Arkancide?   How far can one woman stretch ‘plausible deniability’. . . ?

How Sick Is China Joe Biden?

December 28th, 2021

He was talking about vaccinations and COVID a week ago – coughing all the way through.  He turned 79 just a month ago, – – seems frail and sickly.  Video clip below the fold.  You decide:

Today our mentally defective pResident babbles nonsense,  governors issue lockdowns and mandates, hospitals, police, and the military are discharging unvaccinated workers and troops,  restaurants demand vaccination cards….airlines are canceling hundreds of flights …. Remember that once the Roman Emperor Cæsar Augustus decreed that every Roman subject go to their ancestral home – to be registered […]

We might question the political wisdom of any American vice president appearing on a gotcha TV show like The Breakfast Club.  But there was VP Kneepads,  and she reacted with pre-packaged bluster when Charlamagne asked who is the real president…  Give Charlamagne due credit;  – he asked T-H-E  QUESTION that the communist networks won’t touch […]

A Hug And A Sniff In Kentucky

December 16th, 2021

Shamed for not going sooner (tornado was 5 days earlier),   Biden went for his obligatory photo-ops in the damaged zone. And when not tightly supervised – he quickly found a young victim.  He has a sickness,  – he cannot help himself.

BREAKING! NY Times Bails On Biden

December 15th, 2021

A damning op-ed,  with a most unflattering photograph – – and the most liberal rag in America signals they’ll not support China Joe any further.   And he’s been in office LESS THAN ELEVEN MONTHS…. Read the piece – – they don’t want Kamala either!

Obama’s Third Term Stand-In…

December 15th, 2021

At RRB we continually refer to China Joe’s puppet-masters.   This short video may explain why,  – and give you an insight to ongoing events.  Did you ever really think that Joe is calling the shots…?