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Just a year ago – weeks before the November Election – America was in the midst of a mighty recovery from the Chinese Covid Attack.   Today, with over 50 giant container ships waiting to unload,  –  store shelves are becoming as bare as the former Soviet Union,  – and Biden’s team is quietly telling Americans […]

With Pelosi and Biden trying to squander $3.5 Trillion, –  and the IRS worried about your $700.oo gun purchase, – Clark’s swindle seems almost trivial…

Across the land – as governor after governor – mayor after mayor dictate that their employees be vaccinated – or be fired,  – we suddenly see clearly why union teachers in our public schools have for these past 40+ years failed to teach anything about the US Constitution.

Did he/she invite his ex-wife – Dr. Martha Peaslee Levine – to the swearing-in? 

How hate-filled – or how retarded do you have to be,  – to attempt an arson attack on a Jewish high school – in broad daylight? HISTORICAL NOTE:  There was a time in the early 20th Century that Blacks sought out Jews for support and to learn how they managed to coexist and even thrive […]

CAUTION!   View this video with healthy skepticism. I was 12 when the announcement of a breakthrough Polio Vaccine by Doctor Jonas Salk made international news.  It was thought to be a miracle.  Nobody had to be pressured or coerced into getting it for their kids. I measure that 1955 event against the enormous pressure today […]

Albuquerque used to be a quiet artist enclave.   Today it sits astride a smuggling / illegal immigrant crossroads.  It has become another Soros City. District Attorney Raul Torrez is the perfect stealth commie:  Harvard, – London School of Economics, – Stanford Law.   Soros paid for his election. Law Professor Mary Leto Pareja – bi-lingual – […]

He came to Hartford to sell the concept that day care is “infrastructure”,  but he needed a sniff and a feel.  This man should not be let near children. Mind you,  – he has yet to meet his own  grandchild – born in August 2018 in Arkansas that crackhead son Hunter fathered (and denied) with […]

After stating just weeks ago that he doesn’t think parents should be interfering with school boards,  this arrogant big-government Clinton elitist blows off another reporter’s question. Virginia voters be WARNED:  This guy is Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo – on steroids!