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Perhaps you should revisit what I wrote last year.  Consider it your homework assignment.   There will be a quiz…

If you wonder why our schools don’t teach REAL History,  – maybe it’s because our presidentially ambitions Governor Faker conveniently IGNORES it himself. How many troops sailed from Boston during WWI and WWII,  – many to die in Europe and North Africa?   So as Baker books rooms in Iowa,  – was he really too busy to […]

It was stomach-turning.   I’d settled in to watch the BC-Clemson game tonight,  – when a Jared commercial came on – a marriage proposal between a bi-racial gay couple. I don’t give a damn what gay people do in private;  – but I don’t want them proposing marriage in my living room,  – in the middle […]

CNN Leading Trump Criticism

October 30th, 2018

The poison dripping from the fangs of the Fake News Network must be turning away viewers – and making honest Democrats (the few remaining) question their Party Leadership. Their goal is clear – to wear Trump down so constantly, – so badly,  that he’ll be too weary to run again in 2020.  I think they […]

Charlie FAKER Doubles Down

October 29th, 2018

Couldn’t miss an opportunity for an anti-Trump remark.   Thinks the answer to the Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre is to ban “assault rifles”,  and have a Hate Crimes Task Force.   What kind of gun did Dylann Roof use in Charleston Charlie? ANYBODY – name ONE (1) THING Faker has done to make us safer…?  He STILL hasn’t […]

She’s been Chancellor for 13 years – during which she all but destroyed her country,  – and by extension all of Europe – by encouraging wholesale Muslim migration without regard to the inevitable consequences. So she’s stepping aside – won’ run for Chancellor again in 2019 – won’t run for re-election in 2021.   Too damned […]

The Evil Bitch just turned 71…..and dropped a few remarks at NYC’s 92nd Street YMCA on her 71st Birthday,  – sure to thrill her dowager Klingon supporters. Carefully IGNORES that no Democrat / Socialist candidates want her out on the Mid-Term Campaign Trail with them….


MSNBC Airs Treasonous Interview

October 28th, 2018

It ~ may be ~ that once upon a time Florida political operative Rick Wilson was a level-headed Republican;  – but no longer.   He is as far off the DEEP END as is Cesar Sayoc.   But MSNBC gave his treasonous remarks air time. The video is short – but shocking:

How terrified are the Europeans of their Muslim invaders? 21st Century Globalism has gone amok;  – a European court you’re never heard of just issued a “ruling” upholding an Austrian court’s decision to fine a woman $547,  – for calling Muhammad a pedophile for marrying 6-year old Aisha. The European Court of Human Rights concluded […]