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You guessed it;  – the Clintons skate to kill another day.

A Pig Waddled Onto The Beach

August 26th, 2021

The so-called “Smartest Woman in the World” is eating herself to death…

         It is with gut wrenching sadness that we post this announcement. A totally good and gentle man!  His insightful comments will be missed on RRB.   Damn shame he died while Biden is in office….having survived Deval Patrick and Obama.

He was installed as the 58th President of Haiti on July 2nd 2017.  Last night he was assassinated,  – his wife Martine wounded.  What did he know about the millions the Clintons siphoned off the Haiti relief fund…? Haiti is many things to many people.  

On one level these two black female candidates are prisoners of their surrogates.  156 years since Appomattox Court House – they’re still not free.

Bernie remembers her as the Chair of the Democrat National Committee – in 2016, – who engineered his Convention loss to the Evil Hillary – before she was forced to step down. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was in a Stonewall Parade (a gay pride event) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when a pick-up truck crashed into the marchers […]

It was Biden’s very first Academy Graduation speech as pResident,  – of course he botched it! 30-second video clip: 

RRB began in the frustrating weeks following the election of the America-hating Muslim Obama, – when it became clear that the RiNO-dominated Acton Republican Town Committee was led by self-serving pussified political cowards,  – fearful of ‘offending’ the town’s Democrat Party leaders.

Watch what is happening out in Nevada folks,  – it is a harbinger of the 2022 Mid-Terms…and spells doom for our Constitutional Republic. The Progressive wing (closet Communists) just seized control of the Nevada Democrat State Committee – in a ‘virtual election’ which many claim was rife with fraud – and ‘glitches’….

Think back Americans – to 2016,  – remember what Trump did, (didn’t even take a salary),  – and understand why these new world communists and thieves hate him so much.  Do you understand why they stole the election?