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  5. When you see a car with an Obama / Warren sticker – ask the owner who they THINK is going to repay the $16 Trillion Federal Debt? Then ask if they have children and grandchildren?  rr 

  6. When you see someone working hard – maybe a waitress, a cook, or a store clerk, – compliment them. Ask how they’re going to vote. If they say R, thank them. If they say D – ask them who they think deserves half the money they’ve just earned?  rr 

  7. At a Democrat politician’s campaign appearance, stand up and demand he/she give you $50.00 cash right now – because you want part of his/her wealth. When they refuse – ask them what’s the difference between you asking for their money and Obama asking for ours?  rr 

  8.  Ask someone who’s talking up Obama “Why are you voting FOR Obama?”  Guaranteed you’ll hear in their explanation something with “Romney”, “Bush”, or “Republicans” – but not “Obama.  Tell them that this isn’t a reason… they should step back and try to figure out why Obama was such a good president for four years. […]

Wow, single digits…   9.  Go to your local Cable TV station and make a 30 minute presentation on an issue or a politician you like.  They MUST let you do this – you own the station.  Don’t be intimidated, just be yourself and tell your community how you feel – Cable TV viewers may be […]

  10.  ACTUALLY comment on RRBlog with your valid thoughts to stimulate others to respond and become activated enough to possibly sway some undecided friends.  rr 

  11.     Visit a blog.  Read some posts.  Comment on those that you agree or disagree with.  Check back often to see if others have posted on the same topic.  rr 

  12.     Buy several copies of a current political or current events book.  Hand them out to friends with the only request that they hand them to someone else when they’re finished.  rr 

  13.     Start a book discussion group.  Choose the books from current political titles to spur discussion.  Encourage both parties to be represented. rr