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A Short Lesson On Censorship

November 1st, 2016

Silencing and intimidating political opposition is as old as mankind,  – which is why the United States is such a unique concept…. But the would-be thought police and dictators keep trying…

The Girl is about to turn 57,  – and she’s best known as a professional liar and election cheat.  Where can she get a job to tide her over until 2018? Even the low-lifes on CNN have had enough! “G’bye!”

Allred’s ‘poor victims’ all have a certain ‘look’,  and her list of defendants over the years have two things in common: high visibility and lots of money. When Democrats – like Hillary Clinton are desperate,  they know Gloria will ride in to the rescue with drummed up blondes to distract the media and the voters.

Calls Hillary “Trigger-Happy and Very Unstable”…. Grab a beverage and watch. Checks off a long list of things which need fixing…..He clearly understands the military issues.

“He violated the public trust, – he failed to comply with a congressionally issued subpoena, – documents were destroyed on his watch,… – and the public was consistently misled.” Resolution to Impeach introduced by one of America’s young heroes – Jason Chaffetz of Utah.

Just imagine – you’ve got a great job working for the Clintons; – – then just two years later – you get sent to prison – FOR LIFE! Would you feel abandoned and betrayed?  What about all that Egyptian aid money you sent to the Clinton Global Initiative?  Another sucker bites the dust!

The Post’s front page is funny, – but telling… Seems it’s payback time at the Obama White House, – and Hillary is Target #1. Why?  They never liked her,  – never wanted her,  – she was never in their inner circle of anti-American treason.  And then last year she over-played her political cards…

Breaking:  – analysis of the secret emails – indicates that Hillary and her key career guardians – Cheryl Mills and Phil Reines – were maneuvering, lying, covering up, and thwarting rescue efforts, – all to protect ‘their future First Woman President’. UNDERSTANDING THE BENGHAZI ATTACK:

His REAL war is with America and Americans; – everything else is just for show. To understand Obama’s game plan [it is NOT a ‘war plan’] requires us to look at the facts in cold detachment. What we see isn’t Leadership, – and it isn’t even American. It is scary!