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Squaw Get’um Heckled In Reno

October 3rd, 2019

Cherokee Princess Walking Eagle (bird too full of shit to fly) was met in the Reno airport by some LOUD Patriots. Does Senator Squaw have any other outfits besides that black jumper?   Hat Tip: CE 

Today Greg issued a 1 November ultimatum to the City of Austin:  CLEAN IT UP – or TEXAS WILL! 2-term lawyer / Mayor Steve Adler is so ooey-gooey (Princeton) that he gave Pete Buttigieg’s campaign introductory speech.  But he hasn’t budged to clean up his over-run city. Suddenly he says he “…welcomes the Governor’s help!”  […]

It is said that California no longer puts their mentally disturbed people in asylums.  Instead, they dress ’em up and send them East to Congress. She is 81, – has been on government payrolls since 1973,  – and has been in Congress since 1991. 

The 78-year old commie lied about his health,  so his heart ratted him out!

Chief Hagel: “We don’t want Republicans here; – the only thing you could have done to make this worse was to invite Dick Cheney and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.”  Thousand Oaks doesn’t have their own police force;  they contract with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department for patrol coverage, – and thus drew the TURD Hagel… Chief […]

Shifty Adam Schiff’s fake outrage that President Trump might talk to a Ukrainian Leader about the crooked Bidens,  – should be taken with a BIG GRAIN of SALT. Shifty was glad to get money from a Ukrainian arms dealer back in 2013, and his Ukrainian connections should be looked into.

Did they waste their Yale and Harvard Law Degrees?  One is fixated on Eric Garner on Staten Island, – the other on Michael Brown in Ferguson.  It seems the police should have just looked the other way. Too bad the Times printed their Op-Ed without printing a parallel answer from a real cop,…but maybe the […]

Enjoy The Parade Americans!

October 1st, 2019

Watch,…and understand the nature of the threat and their level of multi-generational commitment – which WILL effect your children and grandchildren.

Just last week Adam Schiff, – the lying sleazebag Democrat from California, – was reading a piece of late-nite comedy fiction into the Congressional Record.  In his arrogance,  he forgot that 20 months ago he was trying the same ploy. RRB first posted the full prank video back on Tuesday, Feb 6th, 2018,  – and […]

Mass Murder’s 70th Anniversary

September 30th, 2019

Some Americans will be fooled, – awestruck and thrilled by the parades of modern military might that our 30-year trade imbalance have enabled the Red Chinese to steal and buy. Young Americans who don’t know History, – don’t understand Economics or Geography, – and who get their ‘news’ from Twitter may well believe this is […]