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Again Folks,  if you think Chicago’s Sunday morning looting spree was about ‘race’ – or ‘Black Lives’,  – you’ve bought and swallowed the George Soros propaganda like a willing stooge. Growing up in Chicago,  Latrell and his brothers had many opportunities to avail themselves of educational and work opportunities.  They should have finished high school […]

They bickered all day – ringleader Kshama Sawant (a commie from India) wanted much deeper cuts,  – so she was the NO vote… They did this the very evening after several hundred rioters tore up downtown Chicago,  – so they are well aware how important good cops are to the survival of a city.   They […]

And THIS is why you people in Chicago can never have nice things!  You just can’t behave!

So many times,  – so many venues,  – always the same;  – he cannot hold a cogent thought or complete a sentence. A breakdown in progress,  – he is a walking 25th Amendment. Please post this on every Democrat website and FB page you can access.  Force them to confront reality.  Our country doesn’t need THIS […]

The entire State of Oregon has been in a quiet anti-government rebellion for a decade,  – which is precisely why Soros and AntiFA picked Portland as their test tube.   They knew the Mayor and the Governor were secretly on their side…. Wheeler is simply wasted sperm.  Governor Kate Brown has the resources to quell the […]

He came to town in a BIG BUS,  and drew a crowd of local Socialists large enough to almost fill it.  I spotted the event by sheer chance,  – and of course went to see the lifelong liar in action.  He was telling the crowd how he’s saved nearly every special interest group by the […]

Bedminster, NJ   Fri, 7 August 2020   Trump holds a news conference and a smart-aleck young reporter tries to make a point… BOOM! Isn’t it odd – the media never seems to learn that Trump hits back?

It seems he was just driving by in Virginia,  – asked his FBI security detail to make a quick U-Turn. Finally,  we have an Attorney General who is on our side: BRIEF VIDEO:

Memorial Day 2020 Lake Havasu Boat Parade Did the MSM cover this event?   Of course not!   H/T: Panther 6