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The Molson-Coors Brewery Shooter

February 27th, 2020

Already the politicians are blaming “THE GUN”,  – while the media is hinting at ‘racial workplace hate crimes’,  – including the ever-predictable “noose left in his locker”. “Never let a workplace shooting go to waste!” (But,…FIRST call it “Gun Violence”!)  Before the blood has dried,  – before the coroner has examined the bodies;  – Democrats and their […]

The $$$$ Squeeze is coming to some Sanctuary Cities! 77-page decision eviscerates the claims of so-called “Sanctuary Cities and States” and their hiding behind the 10th Amendment.

The Democrat Party of FDR, Harry Truman, and JFK is totally dead, these seven officiated at the wake Tuesday night.  They were like unruly children.  If choosing our next president weren’t so serious – this would have been entertaining. Front runner Bernie the Buzzard is still giving flying lessons: video 

There is something very wrong inside poor Joe’s head!  Maybe those hair plugs were set in too deep – and the roots grew down into his brain? To make such a wild-assed ranting claim like this in a critical debate should cause his family to have him examined. Some sane commentary by Colion Noir:

Catherine White For 3rd Middlesex

February 25th, 2020

We’re up against the Charlie FAKER gang of FAKE Republicans,  – really Democrats in disguise….aka ZOMBIES! By Law (that’s a long sad story) the Mass GOP State Committee must be 40 men and 40 women;  – pairs from each state senate district.  Charlie is spending a FORTUNE to load the committee with like-minded RiNOs and […]

What if,…what IF,…what if only he hadn’t been so headstrong?  Today old-time Democrats know their party is being ripped apart at the seams,  – mostly because of their own doing,  – decades of blaming Republicans and pillorying the Captains of Industry. As their Pied Piper of FREE SHIT leads the Millennial Generation toward Venezuela and Cuba,  Democrats […]

W – T – F Took SO LONG?

February 24th, 2020

Things sure changed overnite!   Are the Nevada Party Hacks finally giving America the real count?

Democrats: they lack honor, vision, ability, and basic counting skills! Monday AM UPDATE:  Bernie CRUSHES the Field!

Two unattended ‘heart attacks’,  – a random late-nite street mugging,  – and a ‘suicide’? All these men had either pissed off the Left,  – or actually exposed and endangered their evil plans.