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There is a remarkable parallel between the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 78 years ago,  and the Pelosi-led impeachment of President Trump.  Nancy may not like the outcome,  – any more than the Japs did. Those who fail to study and UNDERSTAND History – are doomed to relive it!

Is Bloomberg too old to learn, – or is he so rich and so insulated that he’s been unaware these past 11 years…?   He got a friendly CBS interview,  – and with a few words further pissed off Black voters. My mind flashed back to Joe Biden in August 2008…. 2 videos: 

I once thought they couldn’t possibly come any stupider than Tsilent Tsongas,  – who was on par with Sheila Jackson Lee.  But now comes Lori Trahan, – sending out junk emails about supporting small businesses. Does she think for a minute that we’ll ever forget her WILLING ROLE in Pelosi’s impeachment farce? #uck you Lori!

Terrorism At NAS Pensacola!

December 6th, 2019

As always,  even the “friendly Muslims” can’t be trusted! UPDATE:  Shooter has been IDed as Saudi 2Lt Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani here in pilot training.

Emmanuel Macron was busy mocking Trump just 2 days ago; – now nearly 1 million people are out rioting in his major cities.  Trains aren’t running,  flights are canceled,  and once again the police are out in force. It seems that after decades of socialism, the unionized French peasants don’t want Macron to tamper with […]

Meanwhile at an Iowa meeting with likely caucus voters,  Biden was his usual graceless self when questioned by an informed citizen: VIDEO:

Al Green Is STILL Aggrieved…

December 5th, 2019

He’s gone through life for 72 years with a color chart.  Racial hatred has shaped his face.  Congressman Al Green of Houston is an expert on racial grievances.  Here he proves it once again. “What subliminal message are we sending to the world when we have experts,  – but not one person of color?   Are […]

Professor Jonathan Turley is hardly a Trump fan, – but he is learned enough and unemotional enough to understand the difference between a real crime – and hatred-riddled emotional Democrats. He makes only one mistake.  See if you can catch it: VIDEO:

Five MoonBats & A Snarly Muslim

December 4th, 2019

Newton’s Democrats call Trump “the Savage”,  and they’ve invited their moonbat faithful to come meet 5 Democrats and a Muslim who want Woody Woodpecker’s House Seat…. Bring your checkbooks! The only guy happy is the Ice Cream Man;  – he won’t need to make any more tedious trips to MassHole,  – pretending he lives here […]

California’s left-wing Governor Newsom has set March 3rd as the Special Election for a new 25th District Congress Critter,  – to replace the sexually over-active Katie Hill.   Knowing voters were easily fooled by a pretty face in 2018,  Assemblywoman Christy Smith has filed papers.  So has Cenk Uygur – who doesn’t even live in the […]