Cat Fight In The Biden White House? REAL?

Posted November 17th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Can we trust A-N-Y story from CNN…? 
In picking Harris as VP,  Biden took lessons from Obama – picking someone so obnoxious and loathsome that no sniper would risk taking the kill shot.  Now he’s living with the consequences….


Jill Tracy Jacobs (Giacoppo) Biden was the Biden family baby-sitter (married to Bill Stevenson) when Joe started “seeing her” – during his first run for the US Senate.   After Joe’s distraught wife drove in front of a semi, Joe began “dating” her…and she divorced Bill – who never saw it coming.

Kamala Harris is a career opportunist who has alternatively used AA/EEO and her skills as a fellatist to get ahead (pun unavoidable).

Fresh out of law school she began dating the married Willie Brown – then Speaker of the California Assembly,  and later Mayor of San Francisco.  Her skills as an attorney are questionable,  her lack of ethics is well known.

Harris has ZERO knowledge of foreign affairs,  treaty obligations,  economics,  energy,  Islamic culture,  military science, – or even life east of Communist California before the Biden puppeteers picked her as Joe’s running mate (life insurance policy).

CNN reports (citing “insider sources”) that the two CATS are fighting.


Harris feels that the Biden puppeteers have frozen her out of policy decisions and favorable public visibility (photo-ops), – sending her to places that don’t matter.

With cat-like political instinct Harris has avoided doing the one job Biden gave her – taking charge of our Southern Border….

Did Harris REALLY sign on with Biden back in 2020 expecting to be given an “equal partnership” role if they beat Trump?   Was she really that naïve as to trust the career liar?

Has she finally come to understand that she was simply the female window dressing, – a more electable substitute (prostitute) than Hillary, – to bring in the California vote AND the woman vote…?

At RRB,  we are frankly AMAZED that Sick China Joe has hung on this long,  – that he has avoided being carried up to Walter Reed….

At his visible rate of decay and decline,  we don’t expect him to last until 2024,….so Americans should brace for something FAR WORSE than this current debacle.

FULL DISCLOSURE:   No Democraps were injured or killed in the writing and posting of this blog entry,  – although there are a lot of them who richly deserve to be.

2 Responses to “Cat Fight In The Biden White House? REAL?”

  1. Kilsyth

    As she has admitted she is unprepared, Que Mala has no business being in the office of Vice President of the United States of America. Neither she nor her staff should rely on excuses of racism, sexism, or “unfair standards”. Unfair standards? The job requires the innate ability to rise to Every occasion, whatever challenges, disasters or crises come along – including at any and all of the country’s borders: She could – heaven forbid – become President at any minute.

    Not being “put in a position to lead”? Genuine leaders become leaders whether they want to or not, because others quickly learn to push them to the front.

    Democrats are always too concerned with their own self-serving legacies. Anyone truly qualified to be where she is and who does the job right will have an historic legacy – not just a history-making election.

  2. Panther 6

    Lots of truth in this blog. Both these ladies are more than just suspect of questionable actions. But the demorat faithful don’t see it or care. We are going to see some truly remarkable and not so good happenings around the WH in the next 3 years. Stand by for a rough ride; cat fights can be very interesting.