Carriage Envy Caroline?

Posted November 20th, 2013 by Iron Mike

JFK’s wealthy daughter Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg arrived by carriage – to present her credentials as US Ambassador to Japan to Emperor Akihito.
Ambassador Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg
Maybe it’s just the American in me, – but a carriage ride through the streets of Tokyo seems a little bit over the top.  She couldn’t have gone in an American-made car – or an SUV?

Carriage through Tokyo
What was the point – political or cultural – of a royal carriage ride? What other ambassadors from what other countries have done this?
Kate Middleton

Or does Mrs. Schlossberg really consider herself ‘American royalty’?
Diana Spencer

Did Kerry and/or Obama approve this piece of theater?  Finally, who paid for this Tokyo photo-op?

10 Responses to “Carriage Envy Caroline?”

  1. haddanuff

    Camelot – the next generation pretending it’s not over.

  2. Tom

    Camelot was manufactured by the media after JFK’s death. In fact he was a less than mediocre president, a world class philanderer whose death catapulted him into media enflamed “greatness”.

  3. Karen G

    They don’t want her talking to anyone either — she’s not the brightest bulb on the tree. Judging from her private swearing-in ceremony and luncheon and her fish bowl carriage ride in Japan, it’s obvious her handlers are afraid that someone will ask her a question and she’ll give a stupid answer (or no answer at all)…

  4. MC

    More staged buffoonery for this farce of an administration. The Japanese realize that their new US Ambassador is not the most astute and will be impressed with this theatrical exploit, while in reality it is a backhanded affront.

  5. Casey Chapman

    Just another FUBAR moment for the administration of our “dear” leader. I miss the old days, when politicians actually gave a damn about how things looked.

  6. Hawk1776

    Camelot was a myth, both in literature and in the presidency. Clearly JFK’s womanizing, medications and other issues have tarnished his legacy. He really didn’t serve long enough to judge his performance.

    I have no idea whether Caroline Kennedy is a bright light or a dim bulb. However, it’s hard to criticize an ambassador for being obtuse while John Kerry is the Secretary of State.

  7. Jay Dwyer

    What a nice phto op…..But there is a problem.

    Do you remember when Caroline run for the Seante ?
    Do remember here speech pattern ?
    “You Know” was pervasive …2-3x per sentemce.

    I believe that once the Japanese decipher that she is saying You Know and not praising Yoko Ono…..they will be justifiably appalled, insulted that we have sent a NitWit to represent us they will do the only rationale response possible……

    Bomb Pearl Harbor again !

  8. Walter Knight

    She needs to show more leg.

  9. Prim

    Jay is this the one you were thinking of: You Know.

    Caroline Kennedy : “Ya know…”

    Obama always loves folks with mega bucks. She what a net worth of 278 Million will bring– a Ambassadorship. It will be interesting to see what he wants or was promised in return.

  10. Varvara

    Did you notice she was not on hand for the 50th anniversary here in USA? Basic black and pearls. Yes, this was staged.

    I loved the blue suit the other woman is wearing.