Caron Z. Turner: Less Important Today

Posted April 25th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Had things gone differently in November 2016,  – she’d likely be working in the White House – drafting policy for Hillary.

Now she’s had to resign from her Port Authority job….

She’s a lawyer,…you’d think she’d know better….

But perhaps it is that exaggerated sense of self-importance some people get when they been playing Klingon to corrupt and evil traitors….

I think those two officers were extremely polite and professional….

TY Guys! 

As a result of this video,  Caron was forced to resign from her high-paying government job;  – – what life lesson did her daughter learn….? 

6 Responses to “Caron Z. Turner: Less Important Today”

  1. FLICK

    God bless these officers. Polite and precise. Momma can’t accept that her spawn is more of an adult than she is. Maybe her daughter can teach her a life lesson.

    These officers put their career on the line to do the job they were sworn to do.

    This has to be the most entertaining eight minutes I’ve seen in years. I’m going to watch it again and again.

  2. Varvara

    She resigned, not fired, didn’t lose whatever pension she accumulated.

  3. Sherox

    Her daughter learned nothing whatsoever. Mommy’s going to have another NGO or government position with a pension regardless. More than likely one with higher pay.

  4. Mt Woman

    She’s amazing–she doesn’t let up!! She too should have been put in jail or impounded along with the automobile.


    Remember that your average Democrat has very little respect or regard for the Police; – they see them as racist thugs with guns who need to be monitored….

    Then in their next breath they’re saying that ONLY the Police and the Military should have guns….

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    Typical elitist, self-important, do-you-know-who-I-am Liberturd…. I know the mayor. I’m a Port Authotity Commissioner, and I’m going to call your boss…..

    I have to guess there are laws or ordinances regarding interfering with police lawfully performing their duties. I know a police officer’s peace can’t be disturbed, but when someone is as aggressive and belligerent as this twit was, why the hell wasn’t she simply arrested, read her rights, perp-walked into the hoosegow and mug shot, and let the system do it’s work?

    And oh what an example to set for her privileged kid and her friends….

  6. MC

    Typical-typical-typical leftist.