Carolyn Dykema – Tap-Dancing Liar!

Posted October 18th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Listen to the lame excuses [lies] of an incumbent MoonBat.

How hard would it have been to admit ‘I screwed up – I made a bad vote’?  Instead, she bluffed and got caught!

Dykema was elected because (1). she’s a pretty face, and (2) because she’s a Democrat.  She never asked any questions about the bill – because she ALWAYS votes with Speaker DeLeo!  She is sort of the 8th Middlesex version of Niki Tsongas – who always votes with Pelosi.

Among her legislative accomplishments was voting to UNIONIZE family day care centers. She once did an impromptu ‘MoonBat Dance‘ for me on the sidewalk.

RRB urges voters of the 8th Middlesex to DUMP DYKEMA and Vote for Marty Lamb!

One Response to “Carolyn Dykema – Tap-Dancing Liar!”

  1. Shirley Johnson

    I can’t believe anyone NOT voting for a bill that would put all votes online. What a lame excuse she has. THIS is my State Rep??? Not if everyone votes for Marty Lamb on November 6th!