“Carlos Danger” Gets Just 4.9%

Posted September 11th, 2013 by Iron Mike

And his favorite porn star comes to tell him to quit politics! weiner's visitor
Anthony Weiner
[former Democratic Congressman] got just 4.9% of the primary vote for NY City Mayor. Then Porn Star Sydney Leathers popped in to his event to show off her new implants – and tell him to get out of politics.   Weiner’s Muslim wife Huma Abedin [special friend of Hillary] was elsewhere!  Then the always-classy Weiner flipped ‘the bird’ to reporters, – because they caused all his problems?
            OK,  maybe this story is a tad tawdry for RRB, – but they are DemocratsNew York Democrats!

4 Responses to ““Carlos Danger” Gets Just 4.9%”

  1. Tom

    Also, Client #9, Elliot Spitzer, another Sex crazed Democrat went down to defeat. Two gun grabbing Colorado representatives were recalled by the people of Colorado who embrace the Second Amendment.

    In Massachusetts, however, two well qualified Republican candidates were unable to overcome the overwheing opposition from the Democrats. The state GOP seems powerless to win no matter who the candidates.

  2. Flick

    It would be interesting to see the demographic of that 4.9% if even a porn star ‘gets it’.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Our state GOP is too worried about being liked, and being PC to get a good candidate for office nominated.

  4. haddanuff

    Can’t help but love Carlos’ pathetic results. Where was the Muslim to comfort him and stick by his side in such a low moment?