Capabilities, Intentions, Leadership & Rogues

Posted May 21st, 2010 by Iron Mike

Odd Man Out

ANY intelligence service – ours, theirs, our friends, our enemies – all operate the basic same way when looking at both friends and foes.  Thus Dennis Blair, outgoing Director of National Intelligence – and a career naval intelligence officer was constantly at odds – even unable to communicate in the coded doublespeak of that pack of world socialists he was working with.  Wanting to do a thoroughly professional job – he was at odds with Obama – who instinctively always knows better – even when it took him months to decide upon 30,000 troop surge in Afghanistan.  Admiral Blair becomes the highest level official to depart OBummer’s inner circle.  How soon will he be on the talk shows?

Capabilities, Intentions, Leadership and Rogues

Any worthy intelligence operation must constantly scrutinize these four areas of ongoing concern.  This applies to a chain of muffler shops or to nation states.  You look at yourself, your allies, your enemies, and your potential enemies.  You update constantly.  You attempt to verify data by multiple sources.  You scrub the data looking for false information and take care to have separate minds analyze the results.  You bet your business – or your nation – on the summaries, and you hope that your own leaders will respect and trust your work. 

My best analysis is that Admiral Blair was a reasonably competent military / naval intelligence officer, but probably unsuited by upbringing and training to work with the kind of socialist slimeballs he fell in with back in November 2008.   Simply put, whatever his shortfalls and blind spots, Blair would seek and speak the truth.  The Obama White House seeks daily to paint, distort, and obfuscate the truth.  Blair remained true to his oaths of office.  To Obama and his cronies, their oaths were mere public ceremonies, – part of the show.

The Admiral probably thought it best to give good service to a weak and inept president, rather than see the country suffer for four years.  He probably couldn’t bring himself to believe that the President-elect was a cunning, evil, and duplicitous world-socialist.  So while he was trying his best,  he was living the death of a thousand cuts.  

Disembarking the ship of state today he knows.  He will not be thanked.  The spin is “he couldn’t get along with” CIA Director Leon “Save the Seals” Panetta who was his subordinate, – and whose only “intelligence” background was as a lieutenant at Fort Ord.  Very very soon they will have to label him “a disgruntled problem employee – a lone wolf, – a rogue”.

So a quick rundown of the front-burner issues [I will hereby oversimplify] shows the conflicts of interest:

Terrorism:  Blair would have wanted to use Pakistan’s ISI for what it was worth – knowing they were playing both sides.  He would have tried to pinpoint UBL, and eliminate him. 

      The Obama regime is in quiet sympathy with Islamic terrorist objectives.  Even if UBL came into our hands, they would have wanted to Mirandize him and try him in NYC.  They would have waived the death penalty on the pretext of expediting his extradition. 

al Qaeda and the Taliban:  Blair would have used all means possible to seek and destroy.  

      The Obama regime has zero interest in winning this war.  They just want to look like O is a successful wartime president – and so much smarter than Bush.

Pakistan:  Blair would monitor daily – worried that a rogue group within the ISI or the Pak military would conduct another coup, and Pak nukes could end up in al Qaeda or Iranian hands. 

      Obama isn’t interested; weakening and socializing the USA is his first priority.

Hamas, Hezbollah and Israel:  Blair would have watched this daily worried that any renewed attacks by the Russian and Iranian supplied Hezbollah ~ could ~ lead to the IDF using nukes on Southern Lebanon.

      The anti-Israel Obama regime wants to isolate and weaken Israel, secretly sides with the “Paleistinians”.

Iran:  Blair would have devoted a lot of time and resources to find out exactly how far along these rogue Twelvers are in bomb-making, and tried to locate worthy targets for a preemptive strike.

      In public denial of the Twelver reality,  Obama hopes to ignore these nuclear madmen until they actually succeed in decapitating Israel.  Then he can wring his hands in public.  But if Israel strikes first, he can punish their “unprovoked aggression”.

China:  Blair would have been thoroughly familiar with the capabilities, the intentions and the leadership of our biggest natural rival for world leadership.  He would have been monitoring their naval growth, their space growth, their cyber attacks and hacking attacks, and their manipulation of world currency and banking.  He would have sounded the alarm.

      Obama & Company just hopes to continue the Ponzi scheme of financing US debt by selling bonds to China until our entire system collapses – allowing him to enact a socialist coup here at home.

The NorKs:  The recent sinking of SoKorea’s Cheonan  in March and the Chia-Gnome’s relentless pursuit of nukes would have had Blair issuing Obama & Company daily warnings of a renewed Korean war.

      Obama totally doesn’t care.  Doesn’t want to hear about it.  An unwanted annoyance.

Venezuela:  Blair is keenly aware of the growing capabilities of this communist thugocracy.

      Obama has a secret friend in Venezuela, – wants him left alone.

If the news reports are true,  Admiral Blair resumes civilian life sometime today.  The Sunday talk shows will want him of course.  He’ll be bound by some very high-level security restrictions in what he can say about all the secrets he knows.

But if he wants to – he can talk about how the pResident is dealing with [or ignoring] world threats and rogue states..  And he can talk about everything he saw, heard, and felt for seventeen months.  Blair is the first big chink in Obama’s castle wall – and he knows secrets.

  /s/  Iron Mike
  Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Oh, BTW – Leon Panetta – your boss just took the first bullet.  Guess who’s next?

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  1. britsarmymom

    Exactly. Perfectly stated. Thank you for the sanity check. The world’s gone mad, not me!

  2. MC

    AS always, you nailed it !

  3. Neil

    In his own words, obummer will side with the islamists first. He wasnts to tear this country down and will stop at nothing to achieve this end. I can’t wait to see this arrogant SOB take a huge nose dive.