Candles and Bikers For Matt Denice

Posted August 26th, 2011 by Iron Mike

On this sad night we returned to Draper Park in Milford. We’d come there on July 12th to urge Deval Patrick to enforce Secure Communities and help deport dangerous illegals before somebody else was killed.

Now we came to express our grief for Matt’s horrible dragging death, and to share our anger at the governor for his callous political insensitivity.

As darkness settled in there came down Main Street a powerful thundering roar . . . 

 – at least 250 motorcycles passed by Draper Park to honor Matt and show their outrage.  Matt was killed on his motorcycle, and bikers ‘get it’. There were also at least 20 Motorcycle cops from a dozen or more jurisdictions. They get it too.

Sheriff Lew Evangelidis came to quietly join us. This morning he had defied the liberals and signed Worcester County onto the program – and challenged the Governor to do so for the whole state. I’d watched and applauded the Sheriff’s campaign last fall, – I’m delighted to see him in action – for the people – not for the politicians.

Earlier today at a news conference Deval Patrick referred to Matt’s death as ‘a drunk driving issue’. He said “illegal immigration didn’t kill this person, a drunk driver killed this person”. He seemed unable to even remember Matt’s name. Listen for yourself:

There isn’t anything cheaper or tackier than a spineless liberal babbling in denial.  His statement today was an absolute insult to Matt, to his surviving family, and to all of us.

Goodnight Matt!  You were a good kid – I met a few of your buddies tonight, – several of them in tears.  They were all proud of you.  If we don’t break faith with you – you will do this sad corrupt Commonwealth a lot of good in the years to come.

Tonight there was no ‘ceremony’, no speakers, no public prayer. Just 1800+ good Americans – heartbroken, shaken, and angry – lighting candles in the dark. Deval Patrick has not heard the end of this!

 /s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

And to those gathered officers of at least a dozen local communities, – nice job tonight! Tango Yankee!

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11 Responses to “Candles and Bikers For Matt Denice”

  1. Tired republican

    May e we should protest drunk driving? This isn’t an immigration issue at all, it’s a dumb ass issue. I know of sever People killed in stupid motorcycle accidents by their own stupidity (wear a helmet) I hope they caught the guy… Anyone who drinks and drives is a scum nag period.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Hey Tired Dipshit – this is TOTALLY an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT ISSUE! If you don’t get that – pull you head out of your azz!

    You ‘hope they caught the guy’? Can’t you READ?!?! Yes, – he stopped, Matt somehow freed himself, and the ILLEGAL ALIEN backed up over him – killing him – then drove off. When the cops got him and told him he’d just killed a man, – he shrugged!

    /s/ Iron Mike

  2. whathehell

    We are NOT going to let this go away. Every family sees this as their worse nightmare. And were all watching duhval make a fool of himself trying to make excuses about why Illegals have rights. Damn it duhval it was a murder not a drunk driving case. After poor Matthew is laid to rest you can be damn sure the people who want Secure Communities will get their justice for Matthew.

  3. Rabid Republican

    Tired… You must be in a coma to think like you do. This is both issues… illegal alien and drunk driving. We should face the simple fact that if this alien were kept out of the country, this incident would not have happened. That he was let in and continued to stay here is firmly at the feet of Deval Patrick. It’s his policies that let killers roam free among us. Killing again and again.

  4. Tired republican

    No, not in a coma, and far from being a dipshit. What about every other car accident that takes place, do we blame old people who shouldn’t be driving but do anyway? I’m sure a lot of TP people fall in that category.

    Immigration IS an issue, but I highly doubt all those bikers came for the same reason you did. It wasn’t to pay respect to the dead, it was to complain about immigration and your own ideology. That’s not a noble act, but the opinion is fair enough.

    Again, this has nothing to do with immigration, beyond he shouldn’t have been here. I have heard of plenty of bad drivers, but going after a group of people based on that is by definition, prejudice. Say what you will, I’m sad to be reffered to do as a dipshit, but I guess no one here can handle any views that differ from their own. I still plan to post in the future, crybabies aren’t going to convince me I shouldn’t have a voice here.
    Tired – FIRST you need to use a REAL e-mail address or we will consider you a paid serial spammer.

    SECOND – you need to admit UP FRONT that you are a LIBERAL – and hardly a Republican at all.

    We are looking for and we encourage honest commentary, and we welcome opposing points of view. But comment spammers do nothing to make our nation stronger, safer, or more economically secure.

    So chose your course – intelligent comments or the spam bucket.

    Before you decide, and since you seem totally unfamiliar with both our situation here in Massachusetts and the Secure Communities program – do your image a favor and do some genuine internet research before making another comment.

    Right now you are sounding like a junior college dropout who has swallowed way too much liberal Kool-Aid.

    And the bikers who rode for Matt? Bikers often ride in support of a fallen brother. Matt was on his motorcycle when he was hit and dragged.

    /s/ Iron Mike

  5. Pissed Off Independent in Marlborough

    I’m pissed off and we should jam the Beacon Hill phones with calls about his responsibility in this and to demand he sign on to secure communities NOW!

  6. Tired republican

    Again, I’m a voter, not hardcore right. I believe in common sense and trust that the powers that be aren’t nearly as childish and stupid as you claim. I’m not a racist and prejudice, I think we should spend less money and quit complaining about stuff that has nothing to do with actual American politics. The right is at an all time low in approval rating too, but you seem to ignore that fact as well.

    You are not as American as you claim in you believe a political civil war is the way to for America to be run. I prefer logical debate, and decisions for the greater good, which you don’t. Iron mike has an interesting perspective, but I still view this page as unrealistic and an example of what’s wrong with the TP right now too.

    I’m more liberal than you folks, but fiscal conservatism doesn’t need to be this racist and out of line. I will vote Obama if Bachman or perry step up to the plate, only because they are insane and completely unfit for government. It’s Ron Pauls turn, but I still doubt it will happen.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ANYbody who would vote for Obama again after this past 2½ years is either a committed socialist or has their head so far up a wet dark tunnel that they can barely walk.

  7. Tired republican

    See, your comments are far more critical and unproductive than mine? You don’t see anything wrong with labeling anyone who doesn’t completely agree with you a socialist? Obama is not living up to being president, but he isn’t evil or stupid.

    If the right is pushed through emotion instead of logic, like it was on the debt ceiling issues. The country won’t listen to the TP because of it now, doesn’t that mean anything? I guarantee Obama will win again if the Bush tax cuts don’t change. I’m not saying that’s the way it should be, but it is the only way the right will be able to demand all these cuts without looking selfish to the general public.

    Bachman can’t handle reality, and Perry is too far right and religious to win. The only wet and dark tunnel will be the close-minded one that won’t let anyone else in, and history is repeating itself. Bush couldn’t be taken down purely on how many people hated him, and thats all this election has going for it so far.

    I know this isn’t related to the biker rally, just defending being called a socialist.

  8. dannap

    Let me clarify your classification Tired. You are a blooming IDIOT. Your comments are a waste of space here.

  9. Heidi Yeadon

    I hope that you will join us “BIKERS” and other loving friends and family members for the Matthew Denice Memorial Scolarship Ride in Milford, MA on Sunday Oct. 9th. Matt’s death was such a waste of a beautiful young man’s life. You can find more details on Facebook.

    Thank you.

  10. Ted

    I have been reading through the opinions posted here in disbelief, so let me try and help those of you that aren’t seeing this problem we’re having with illegal immigrants getting into car accidents.

    It’s NOT an accident when someone without a license or insurance gets into a car and chooses to drive. That’s a risky choice just like drinking and driving. That needs to be factored in. That said, I haven’t heard of any illegal immigrants being here with a legitimate drivers license and car insurance…that’s why they are called Illegal. Now throw in the fact that Nicolas Dutan Guaman was drunk when he drove over Matt Denice…can you really defend him or anyone in the same scenario? I hope not!

    I speak from first hand experience because three years ago my father-in-law lost his life in a car accident when he was struck by an un-licensed illegal immigrant with no license. The court ruled it as an accident. This monster had a previous record yet was still here in our country reaping all the cushy benefits granted. To top things of, he was later picked up on three separate charges of criminal sexual aggravated assault.

    I’m guessing the people that have posted their lighter views to this story haven’t lost someone in a situation like this. If you ever do, I guarantee you will have a different opinion about accidents involving illegal immigrants and your loved one.

    My heart goes out to Matt Denice’s family!