Can You Find Chemnitz On A Map?

Posted August 29th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Probably not,…but hundreds of Muslim (military age) “refugees” have,  and two of them killed a young German man.  For many Germans – it was the final straw.

Of course the left-wing European and American media branded the resulting mass protest march a “…demonstration by Nazis and Right Wing Extremists”,  – you can be assured the real issue is Angela Merkel (Germany’s Obama) opening the flood gates for a Muslim invasion.  Video below the fold:

Across Europe,  all the police are VERY tight-lipped about what crimes were committed and who has been arrested.  They’ve spent years denying there even was a Muslim crime wave,  – mostly rapes of European women.  Can’t scare off the American tourists you know!

Why? After the Hitler years, and the Jewish genocide,  Europeans are terrified of being called “racists”,  – even when the Muslim invaders are raping their women and committing mass murders,  – in the name of Allah…

So even as the pissed-off and outraged citizens of Chemnitz marched against the Muslim hordes,…others – leftists – mocked them and held signs welcoming refugees.  And you wonder why the Jews marched obediently onto box cars and into the ‘showers’…?

The entire concept of Liberty and Freedom is very new in Europe.  Many countries there still have Kings and royal families.


It will end in ONE of THREE ways – EACH UGLY!

Understand that these Muslims – this most recent wave – have not come seeking ‘refuge’.  They are invaders – bent on conquest by sheer numbers.  Sweden has nearly fallen, – several French and British cities are Muslim-controlled.  London has a Muslim mayor.

LIKELY ENDING #1:  The Jewish and Christian Europeans who can flee will try moving to the New World and Australia,  – leaving behind their old,  their sick,  and their stubborn liberal ‘Coexisters’


LIKELY ENDING #2:  The Europeans will surrender – piece-by piece,  city-by city to the Muslims,  and accept Dhimmitude, – i.e, paying the Jizya (yearly head tax) and living as second-class subjects year-to-year at the will and mercy of their masters.

In less than a Century all their daughters will have Muslim husbands and all Christian churches will have been rebuilt as mosques.

Arabic will be the official language.  The Muslims will have done what Hitler could not – unite Europe.


UNLIKELY ENDING #3:  Christian Europeans will somehow find their testicles,  arm themselves,  organize,  and begin a war of expulsion to send the Muslims back to Africa and the Middle East…or kill them wholesale in place.

This will be very ugly,  – it will involve door-to-door city fighting,  – a take-no-prisoners approach,  – and once begun – MUST be fought to a final victory.

I personally don’t feel the Europeans have the stomach,  the backbone,  or the balls for such a fight. 

They’ll keep looking for ways to accommodate and compromise,  – until there is nothing left to trade – except they daughters.

There are several American cities already taken over by Muslims – around Detroit.  Our left-wing media pretends there isn’t a problem;  – but they don’t go there.

And as you American Patriots read this blog and watch the video – you know that our own ignorant left-wing traitors are muttering about “what racists” we are….  They should go live in Europe for awhile….

You also know that if and when this shit gets here – we’ll need LOTS of bullets, – so stockpile!

5 Responses to “Can You Find Chemnitz On A Map?”

  1. Paul J Baldi

    Refugees. Where are the women and children in the photos of
    refugees? What horseshit. Merkel is a toolbag. She needs to go
    and all European nations need leaders with a pair.

  2. Varvara

    At one point the clock in the center read 9:15 and the area was quite crowded. When the camera came back the clock read 9:30 and the area was almost empty, just a few people leaving. The protest didn’t seem to last a long time.

  3. Catherine

    The first is already happening; I have talked to several Brits and Europeans who have come here (or plan to) LEGALLY. To a one, they claim Europe is already gone. The leftist indoctrination has bred a citizenry (or, in those monarchies, *subjects*) that actually *believes* that guns are evil and the “refugees” really want peace – in the face of blatant proof to the contrary. (Liberalism really is a mental illness. It takes that to explain the consistent denial of reality.) When the people cannot see existential danger, they can and will do nothing to stop that danger. Instead, they will “coexist” their way to their own doom.

    Anyone who wants to visit the “old country” (whichever one that is) should go soon, and stick to the most carefully-protected tourist areas.

  4. Walter Knight

    Suddenly Russian occupation of Eastern Europe looks good.

  5. Kojack

    I just came back from a two week business trip to Florida. It was quite obvious that there are a disproportionate number of mUSLIMS working at Logan Airport, including in the TSA! I suppose this is part of the lefty effort to “normalize” iSLAM.