Can They Save Cable News?

Posted September 24th, 2010 by Iron Mike

The Empires Strike Back

With failing ratings and falling revenues, two once-powerful TV News networks – now both failing cable news channels fired their CEOs.  The ever-irritable Jeff Zucker is out at NBC.  He was largely held responsible for the screwups over the Jay Leno and Conant O’Brien shows. 

Jonathan Klein – six years CEO at CNN – has also been fired.  Klein’s latest accomplishments including hiring scandal-tainted former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer as a commentator, and renown British liar Piers Morgan to replace the nearly dead Larry King. 

Klein’s replacement has already been named – Ken Jautz from Headline News, where he hired such luminaries as Joy Behar and Nancy Grace.  The new faces on CNN should make any American shudder.

So newshounds, place your bets:  can and will these two propaganda arms of the Democratic Party go through an epiphany and emerge as fair and trustworthy news channels?  Or will they continue to tell you what they think you should hear?

Funny all this happening just five weeks before the MidTerms.

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