Can Judge Leticia Astacio Stop Drinking?

Posted August 3rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

The downward spiral of an alcoholic is never pretty.  The stupidity and the lies make everybody feel angry – and even helpless.

Despite the best intentions of some social justice apologists – booze is not an EEO attacker.   Some people are genetically more likely to get drunk quicker,  – and more likely to become alcoholics.

Rochester NY City Court Judge Leticia Astacio’s ugly public saga began back in February 2016 – with a vehicle crash on I-490 and a blood alcohol level of .19.

Last August she was convicted of DUI – and given conditional probation and ordered to wear a monitor (SCRAM device). She was ordered not to drink for 1 year and an interlock device was placed on her car.

By October it had recorded 2 positive readings.  She told the judge she’d been drinking “because she hadn’t read the conditions of her release”.

A week later she is drunk and disorderly in a mall restaurant – refusing to leave an employee restroom and telling security guards she is a judge.

Photos emerge showing her at a Thanksgiving party holding a Solo shot cup of tequila.

This past March she’s back in court – and manages to slide on the public drinking because ‘there isn’t enough evidence’ of what was in the red shot cup.

At the end of April the ignition interlock sends another positive signal.  Within days Judge Astacio flies one-way to Thailand – ‘to live with monks’….

Texts fly back and forth – she is ordered to take a blood alcohol test – but she’s still with the monks.

On Monday June 5th,   she’s back – in court –  and Judge Stephen Aronson gives her a choice, plead guilty,  do 45 days and wear the SCRAM device for 2 years, – and she refuses.

She is jailed.

By July 6th she has fired her lawyer,  and gets 60 days (includes time served) plus 3 years of probation and SCRAM monitoring.

Astacio’s new lawyer,  Mark Young, tells the Judge that she was ‘not willing to do probation’ and that ‘she will violate probation the moment you put her on probation.’

She gets out on July 13th.   And the NEXT DAY the SCRAM device records another positive – which yesterday she blamed on “Foot Cream”.

She’ll get another hearing on the ‘Foot Cream’ on August 24th.

How much money is Affirmative Action and Astacio’s alcoholism costing the taxpayers of Rochester, NY?

BTW,  Judge Astacio is STILL on the PUBLIC PAYROLL!

UPDATE:   Wed, 11 April 2018   The Judge is in more trouble;  – tried to buy a shotgun at 2 different Dick’s stores….

UPDATE:  Tuesday 24 April 2018   The Judge is finally FIRED!

2 Responses to “Can Judge Leticia Astacio Stop Drinking?”

  1. Walter Knight

    Is she elected? Probably, because her Democrat constituents do not care. She will probably be elected to Congress.

  2. Sherox

    The judge in her case needs to apply the law. Even her attorney said pretty much the same thing.