Can CNN E-V-E-R Tell The TRUTH?

Posted January 23rd, 2019 by Iron Mike

The Left-Wing Media jumped all over the story – selectively edited a piece of video,  – and hyped the myth of some WHITE CHRISTIAN KIDS in MAGA HATS who surrounded and mocked a “Native American ELDER and Vietnam Veteran”.

But it just wasn’t true – not any of it!   video proof:

The left-wing news editors at CNN and the other Propaganda Ministry outlets should remember (they’ll have to research it) what happened to Joseph Goebbels.

The story of rich white kids in MAGA hats mocking and bullying an elderly native American Vietnam veteran was PERFECT for the Propaganda Ministry:

BUT,  a little honest research and Nathan turns out to be another Blumenthal,  – a STATESIDE MARINE who never served in Vietnam.

Worse,  he seems to have gone AWOL a few times….



LESSON:  Not everybody who ever wore a uniform served honorably.  Just look at Benedict Arnold, Jimmy Carter, John Murtha, and John Kerry….

Hat Tip and Tango Yankee to Panther 6

5 Responses to “Can CNN E-V-E-R Tell The TRUTH?”

  1. My Woman

    The media and celebrity abuse of these young teens was appalling. The media typically jumped to their norm of conclusions including: he overt display of white privilege of caucasian catholic school students wearing MAGA hats. White students mock Native American hero Vietnam veteran. No coverage of the black. Jewish protesters who instigated the entire caustic event.
    Talk about fake news!!

  2. Kojack

    Another scandal in the annals of the LOWLIFES IN THE MSM AND THEIR ALLIES, EACH SUCCESIVE EVENT WORSE THAN THE PREVIOUS ONE. Anyone who gives the MSM credibility at this point is LOST.

  3. Clinton ma Tea party

    Remember the one who claims to be the victim is usual the one who is most evil and caused the problem. Kudos to the young man in the MAGA hat, he showed honor, integrity, love of country. Semper Fi young man.

  4. Walter Knight

    But, Nathan Phillips was a refrigerator mechanic in the reserves on the mean streets of Nebraska. That should count for something. Nebraska is a bleak place.

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    News outlets always lie. CNN lies always….