Can ANYTHING Embarrass MassHole Dems?

Posted February 7th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Elizabeth Warren (aka Senator Squaw) has been spending the past 2 days “apologizing” because she claimed to be an Indian – but “…was not a Tribal Member”.
Democraps always ‘apologize’ when they get caught….

Except for Stan Rosenberg’s former gay husband Bryan Hefner.  Bryan wants part of Stan’s retirement check – and his health benefits….

Meanwhile Mister Frosty (aka Chevy Chase Eddie) has a new BFF in New York’s freshman airhead – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Their scheme to turn America into a Socialist Welfare State is called “The Green New Deal”… I guess they’re channeling FDR…

Our three Congresswomen all marched obediently to Pelosi’s drumbeat, – wearing their white KKK robes and sitting stone-faced as Trump counted the number of people now working,  – and removed from our welfare rolls.

Those welfare rolls were guaranteed Democrat VOTES,  so the Pelosi Klanswomen weren’t happy.  They also sat stone-faced when Trump called for an end to late-term abortion.  

Killing babies never bothered a MassHole Democrat.

I could ~ almost ~ sympathize with the Squaw’s Indian Card problem,…because as a young boy I used to collect Indian Cards myself,…I managed to get most of them.

Between eating the Shredded Wheat and learning field craft from the Indian Cards,  – I grew up FILLED with Toxic Masculinity!

5 Responses to “Can ANYTHING Embarrass MassHole Dems?”

  1. Vince Picarello

    You said it all Mike…

  2. Saltine American (LibTurd Comment Spammer)


    Unless you take a reliable DNA test, we are all going to remain under the likely assumption that despite how little Native American heritage Warren has, she will always have more REAL American in her than you could ever dream of.

    Native Americans are the only real Americans. Just because you went off to play Soldier overseas doesn’t give your life any worth.

    You will always be an old, jaded, (gay slur) English hand-me-down, grasping for a title that fills the void left by your similarly misguided father who never thoigh you a man.

    Just accept it Mike: you will always only be “good enough”.

  3. Vic

    Saltine American beat me to it, and proves this point. The answer to “Can anything embarrass masshole dems” is America itself. They are embarrassed by America, the freedom they inherited, the full stomach they enjoy every day, the supermarkets loaded with every variety of food, our crowded highways filled with new cars, the large, warm houses of suburbia, and the relative luxury that every working man in this country takes for granted. I know enough of your type, and I’ve heard it all before. Get over yourself, loser.
    Mike, this Saltine puke isn’t worthy for shit detail – nuff said


    He’s a craven coward – probably unable to hold down a job (spams RRB at all hours), – with apparent mental and sexual identity disorders….maybe like Bradley Manning.

  4. Kojack

    Nothing changes in MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSSETTS. LIE-A-WATHA was chosen over DECENT, ETHICAL AND COMPETENT GEOFF DIEHL and MOON-BAT TRAHAN replaced MOON-BAT TSONGAS and like her, sits on the ARMED SERVICES COMMITEE, that should scare everyone!!!

    It’s only fitting that the 2 LOSERS invoke FDR who was the 2nd worst POTUS. He was a REGRESSIVE who introduced SOCIALISM to America which prolonged the great depression and sold out Eastern Europe to Stalin after WWII.


  5. Leonard Mead


    Glad you posted some of the crazy, deranged push-back from people who have little to show except their hatred, ignorance, and pathetic attempts to call you names.

    I always believed when championing conservative values in writing publicly, if you didn’t get back the hate mail and the insults — NOBODY IS READING OR LISTENING.

    Ain’t it fun watching the democrats exposing themselves as socialists, ignorant of where all socialism leads? Hopefully the democrat socialists will be roundly exposed and humiliated in the next presidential election when conservatives sweep them out of office.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative

    Thanks Len,

    But the handful of snarky bedroom dwellers who haunt RRB will never be mature thinking adults. They are either brain-damaged or lack certain key DNA. Most likely they were conceived as the inevitable result of unprotected anal intercourse.