Can A Mouse Talk Out Of Her Ass?

Posted November 26th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Our MassGOP Mouseketeer issued a ‘Thanksgiving Message’.
For someone who claims to be an attorney,  – it’s troubling to think she actually believes the bullshit she wrote…


As a stalwart friend wrote:   “She is delusional!”

On Beacon Hill:

2015 House:  125 Dems   35 Republicans
2017 House:  125 Dems   35 Republicans

2015 Senate:    34 Dems     6 Republicans
2017 Senate:    34 Dems     6 Republicans

Down in Washington:

2015 Congress Reps:   9 Dems
2017 Congress Reps:   9 Dems

She,  many of the MassGOP officials,  and Governor Charlie Baker were outspokenly AGAINST Donald Trump.

Baker make a POINT of telling the media he left the top of his ballot BLANK!

For these past four (4) years – the Mouseketeer – aka Kirsten Hughes has failed to lift a finger to find worthy Republicans to run against our Democrat Congress Vermin.

The only way we’ll ever have less that 9 Democrats sitting there will come after the 2020 Census – when we’re highly likely to lose yet another seat,  – as folks move out of here and down to gun-friendly Texas.

Seriously,  – have you heard even a tiny ‘PEEP’ out of Hughes,  Baker,  or the MassGOP against AG Maura Healey’s anti-gun crusade?

These people AREN’T Republicans,  – not even Patriots!

Massachusetts Republicans have only themselves to blame….

The 80-member State Committee gets elected every 4 years – the same ballot as the Republican Presidential Primary…..

And most Republicans and ‘unenrolled’ pay no attention to that part of the ballot,  – because they don’t understand it,  – don’t know the people,  – and simply vote for whatever name has the (candidate for re-election) after their name.  Thus the same RiNO scumbags keep getting reelected.

And it is these 80 State Committee Members who get to vote for the Chair.

The last three – Party Chair Barbie, Runty Maginn, and the Mouseketeer – are all RiNOs at best – but are actually closer to closet Democrats.

Nasseur  Maginn   Hughes  FAILURES

The Mouseketeer is anti-gun, pro-abortion, pro-immigrant, pro-gambling,  – and is unable to speak in public to Republican Values and Principles…. But she will flash tits and legs…..


And for her to ~ even remotely imply ~ that the MassGOP had anything to do with Republican success 2 weeks ago – is utter blasphemy. 

She is a lying sack of shit!

John Adams Damn you RiNOs

12 Responses to “Can A Mouse Talk Out Of Her Ass?”

  1. Mt Woman

    The US 3rd Congressional District had an exceptional challenger in Ann Wofford. Thoughtful, reflective, bright and innovative, Ann would have brought to the 3rd and to MA a more global vision for the State of MA especially because we have a Republican President. I saw no public support or initiative from the MAGOP to get behind and support Ms Wofford, this includes using their influence to bring Donald Trump, Mike Pence or the Trump family to MA to campaign with Ann throughout the 3rd District. I believe that this hands-off approach ultimately had a negative influence on the presidential, congressional and statewide candidates–they all seemed to be floundering out on their own.

  2. Clinton ma tea party

    The entire rino establishment Massachusetts GOP needs a enema.
    Re-call Baker and the entire Administration now.

  3. John

    Mass GOP=Liberals, brain dead

  4. Jim Buba

    It is difficult to expect little and get less, but the MAGOP has found ways to make it so.

    Please, let me enjoy the National scene until Christmas. Been too long and now, we have Jill Stein, Rocky de la Fuente and Clinton doing a tag-team to overturn Wisconsin.

    Good luck with that!

  5. Kim

    The SC actually thinks they should be proud that they didn’t lose any seats instead of embarrassed that they didn’t gain any seats in the biggest fu election since Reagan… this crowd is just as tone-deaf as ever! And they don’t like for you to point out that they missed a great opportunity to gain some seats.

    As I type this, they are preparing to re-elect Kirsten Hughes as the State Party Chair because they think she has done a great job! The new Mass Dem Chair has a goal of running someone for every seat in 2018. The GOP Chair is on the defense, who thinks she can formulate an offense never mind put up an effective defense at that level?

    You can’t fix stupid with these SCM critters, they will follow the same losing path every single time!


  6. sad4magop

    Baker is in trouble if she stays at the helm. Baker lost 2 ballot questions, proving once again that he has no coattails. Because if ‘popularity’ were important, then at an approval rating of 58%, Obama should have carried the day on November 8th. Instead the voters rejected him. But the establishment doesn’t care – even if Baker loses. They wants the money and the power. Nothing else is as important to this bunch of losers.

  7. Iron Mike

    Come 2018, former ‘war hero’ / Senator / SecState John Fucking Kerry will be here – maybe looking to add GOVERNOR to his résumé – as a final stepping stone for his 2020 White House run….

    Instead of getting the MassGOP ready to deal with that loathsome gigolo, the Mouseketeer, Chocolate Pants, and Momma Kangas are congratulating themselves on the Trump Election – which they all tried to halt.

    2018 is going to be a real rough year here, – and Trump has NO REASON to help any of our incumbents, – or any challenger.

  8. Lonnie Brennan

    Regarding Baker: He spent a projected $1.2 million buying this state committee last earlier this year, doing extensive fundraising and mailings for HIS candidates.

    Despite all his best efforts, he was only able to beat back a few, and the committee pretty much stayed the way it was (liberal establishment-leaning). Several of his candidates also got jobs under his administration. Some even got free TV time…but that’s another story.

    I guess they don’t understand that if you leave 109 Democrat-controlled house seats uncontested, those 109 Democrats, with a free-ride, spend their time helping the few Democrats who have opponents. They gang-tackle the few Republican opponents, showing up everywhere, and they are able to concentrate their funding on just a few races.

    Kirsten is very proud of herself, very full of herself, and thinks the world of herself. Vanity extreme.

    With regret, she’s not really in charge: she’s just the bimbo face of the power brokers who have failed the Republican party for decades in Mass. (They were only rescued by the Tea Party, in 2010.)

  9. Kojack

    I admire the sheer tenacity of the few good GOP officials we have in MARXA/MASSHOLEACHSSETTS, i.e. Shauna O’Connell, Geoff Diehl and very few others WHO ARE REWARDED FOR THEIR EFFORTS BY BEING HANDED MA-GOP SHIT SANDWICHES HEAVY ON THE HYPOCRISY this time around.

    But when it’s all said and done, IT’S UP TO THE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR ELECTORATE TO WAKE UP AND REALIZE THAT THE LEFT IS BUYING THEIR CHILDREN’S AND GRANDCHILDREN’S FUTURES FOR PENNIES AND FOR WHICH THEY ARE EAGER TO SELL!!! Even the makers in this GD state are BRAINWASHED into pulling the lever for the name with the D next to it.

    The failure of ballot question 2 is an example of how this is being perpetrated. Until that changes or the whole thing collapses under it’s own weight everything will stay the same.

  10. Reverend E. Raleigh Pimperton III

    Hopefully the Trump Administration will bring a reality check to the ‘Mass GOP’.

    Keep up the good work Mike!

  11. Chris Walton

    I think Kojack is a tad misinformed on MASSGOP efforts to the State Rep races. True, Rep Diel didn’t get much help because he was unopposed. But I believe MASSGOP paid for about 8k of mailings for Representative O’Connell.

  12. Iron Mike

    And how much did they end up paying Mark Fisher…? Makes $8K look like chicken feed,…right…?

    And WHERE was the state-wide message of Republican Principles and Values?

    First time to RRB Chris? Keep coming back! Republicans are always welcome here!