Call Your Senators…DEMAND Answers!

Posted August 28th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Markey WarrenOnce again a DemocRat President will use a war to distract the American People from his disastrous economic and foreign policy failures.

BY LAW – ONLY Congress can declare a war.
[Article I, Section 8, Para 11].

Now Obama’s empty-headed blustering about red lines and his ignorance of history and world affairs has backed him into a no-win corner. He may try a brief bombing campaign against the Assad regime – to prove that he’s not a powerless pussy.

So make some phone calls: Call Senator Squaw and Senator Government Worker and see if they have an opinion – or if they even know the facts…  Find out if they have a CLUE about unintended consequences!

The 40+ year government employee:
Ed Markey: (202)  224-2742   
[I just gave Andy a history lesson ;^) ]

The Cherokee Squaw:
Elizabeth Warren: (202)  224-4543


Does Senator / Congressman ___________ really trust Obama’s judgment?

Does he/she intend to do their SWORN DUTY as outlined in Article I Section 8?

To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;

Has he/she seen any proof that it was Assad who used the poison gas?

HOW does that effect US national security?

Remind them that the War Powers Act does not apply to Syria – since there is NO DIRECT THREAT to the United States…

How will a US attack – of ANY KIND – be viewed by Hezbollah, al Qaeda, Iran, Turkey, Russia, China, and Egypt?

Does Senator / Congressman ________ understand the history of unintended consequences?

 WW I Triggers

Then ask your ‘killer question’: “What military action triggered WW I?”

If they answer ‘the assassination of the Archduke’; – tell them that was a political assassination – NOT a military action.  Give them a second chance…

Then tell them it was the mobilization of the Russian Army ordered by the Czar – a BLUSTER designed to obtain an apology – which triggered WWI.  It caused 8 million killed!  AND, inside of 4 years the Czar and his family had been executed.

Find your Senators here and your Congress critters here.

Ask them if Obama has a PLAN for Syria any better than the ‘plans’ he had for Libya and EgyptHow much will it COST?

2 Responses to “Call Your Senators…DEMAND Answers!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    it doesn’t take a declaration of war to permit the use of the US military. The President can do that as Commander in Chief and by the terms of many Cold War authorization intended to permit immediate reply to a surprise attack by the Soviets. hidtprically, a formal declaration of war meant “war to the death.”It also authorizes the military to short cut peace time red tape in such things as taking over private property for military use. Before we built the Pentagon a declaration of war often meant that the best hotels in Washington or other major cities became Navy HQ buildings.