Call Me ‘Politically Incorrect’…

Posted April 27th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Zubeidat…but there was her picture on the front of the Herald this morning – frothing in feigned anger – that the Americans had framed her angels…

So far not a word of sorrow or sympathy for the dead and the mangled,…just bitterness toward America.

America, the country that granted her family asylum status, gave them welfare benefits, EBT cards, scholarships, and then made her and younger bomber son Dzhokhar – citizens! She thanked us by shoplifting, then skipping bail back to Dagastan, in Russia.

So,…I couldn’t help thinking…how much better she’d look…in a burqa

6 Responses to “Call Me ‘Politically Incorrect’…”

  1. Varvara

    This woman is too vain to wear a burka. There is a photo of her wearing a yellow scarf and she is posing very dramatically, like a ballet dancer. She only thinks of herself and can not possible conceive the idea that her babies might hurt someone.

    Has she ever acknowledged that she has a granddaughter?

  2. Tom

    Like her two sons she is the personification of evil. Just another family member on the terrorist watch list who spews hate for the country that gave her family asylum and all of the welfare benefits from the state and federal government that were available. She has had too much face time, I would rather not see her ugly face again.

  3. Casey Chapman

    She reminds me of the “Judy” half of the old Punch & Judy puppet shows. That’s what she is, too. A puppet. As for who pulls the strings?

  4. MC

    I will not be surprised when she tries to sue the U.S. for not keeping her boys safe.

  5. Western Civ

    If her face was colored green, she’d look like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz!

  6. Paul J Baldi

    What a shame! Now the mother of the two creeps who planted
    the bombs has decided to stay home and not come to the US!!
    I was hoping she woiuld, so we could arest her and charge
    her with being an accomplice in the marathon horror show.
    It’s not to diificult to see why her two murderous sons
    are the way they are…the apples did not fall far from
    the tree!!!