California’s Four Corrupt Families

Posted October 9th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Watch this clip so the next time you see Nancy Pelosi waiving her hands and ranting about ‘holding Trump accountable’,  – you’ll fully understand just what a corrupt bullshit artist she is….

And you’ll begin to understand how and why California has sunk so low. 6-min video:


Four key political families, – all raising their next generations to prey upon the people. 

7 Responses to “California’s Four Corrupt Families”

  1. Yuri Cherkov

    Your silence on Trump screwing our allies the Kurds is telling…as a matter of fact you have been actively ignoring all of his current troubles – you are specializing in name calling Democrats while your country is dragged into the shitter by a draft dodger and morally bankrupt fool.


    Thanks for your comment Yuri….

    So are you a fan of the Kurds, – or just another Trump-hater.

    And since you’ve called Trump a draft-dodger, tell us where and when YOU served.

  2. Kojack

    YURI – What the fuck are you smoking?!?!? Our economy is the envy of the world with record low unemployment, if that’s what you call the shitter I’ll it take over your globalist shithole any day of the week!

    We can pull out of Syria and still support the Kurds. WE CANNOT CONTINUE TO BE THE WORLD’S POLICEMAN. We need to pull out of Europe, NATO, South Korea and Japan too.

    DUMMYCRAPS want to keep flooding us with illegal aliens and pay for their health, ruin our healthcare, allow 16 year old’s to vote and turn us into a SOCIALIST SHIT-HOLE like the one you live in, they should be called names and then some!!!

    Talk about morally bankrupt, your “leaders” are furthering the interests of the global elites at the expense of their own people. You are a brainwashed, moron. Pull your head out of your ass, wipe the shit out of your eyes and look around before you are over-run by mUSLIMS.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Whoa…. I had to reread Yuri.

    When he mentioned “a draft dodger and morally bankrupt fool”, I thought he was writing about Clinton or Obama…..

  4. Colleen

    Does Yuri know that Biden faked asthma to not enlist in the military? Does he know that Sanders is a conscientious objector?

    America is booming Yuri? Get off your couch and get a job!

  5. Yuri Cherkov

    I am just a normal human being, I support the Kurds against the Turks. The Turks should also not be in NATO. I don”t believe that you can not support the Kurds remotely with any effectiveness, but i am not a military strategist.

    I have never served in the military, but then again I don’t believe that’s necessary to form an opinion about truth and honor, which is certainly lacking from our president.

    So much hostility from the angry old white men, I wish your lives had turned out more to your liking and you were not so afraid of the future and change.

    Hey, I love money too, but not at the expense of my children’s future. It is not a great mental leap to believe that Trump will start a war (Mike, you’d like that!) to deflect from the inquiry, which will lead us into catastrophe. What does winning a war look like now that our adversaries have nukes?

    And Kojack, the shithole I live in is 22 acres of paradise, you should be so lucky.

    Coleen, I have a job (there 25 years), but thanks for your concern.

  6. Nanda Green

    Ugh, Newsom makes me throw up in my mouth every time I hear his guttural voice. All these thieves who’ve never had real jobs need to go. I love being lectured by these holier-than-thou frauds who’ve never had to live in an apartment sharing a wall with 20 illegal aliens coming and going all hours, piling up trash, fighting, blasting music, and destroying the neighborhood.

  7. Kojack

    YURI – Your views are completely devoid of reality, you don’t know history and your comment contradicts itself, several times.
    I think your a trust-fund liberal snowflake with a useless degree still living on the tit.

    You are obviously beyond help but I always respond to snowflakes like you for the young people who might be reading this blog and are on the fence but can still be saved. I will type slowly so you can follow along.

    1st off, you’re P/O’d about PRESIDENT TRUMP getting out of Syria but you’re concerned about him starting a war?!?!? How is getting out of a no-win military situations increasing the risk that a major conflict will erupt?!?!? BTW if your so concerned about the Kurds, then GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GO VOLUNTEER TO FIGHT FOR THEM INSTEAD OF VOLUNTEERING OTHERS TO DO THE SAME!!! They can still be supported even if we pull out and ultimately, its up to the players in the region to solve the problems in their own backyard, WE CAN’T BE EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME!!!

    Question: which POTUS has had the most successful negotiations so far with the NORKs? Trump, a war monger? I don’t think so.

    We’re angry over what has happened to our country due to ignorant people like yourself who vote for “feel-good” legislation that doesn’t accomplish anything (in fact complicates it), don’t know the issues and have no skin in the game but mouth off to those of us who have served. PRESIDENT TRUMP is the best hope for this country since RONALD REAGAN. WHEN HUSSEIN WAS IN OFFICE AND THE ECOMONY AND OUR MILITARY WERE IN THE SHITTER, YOUR ILK HAD NOTHING TO SAY. Double standards? You bet.
    Contrary to what you THINK, a strong military and limited involvement will keep us OUT of war.