California’s Communists And SB 562

Posted July 3rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

If you are a gentle caring soul – it almost seems like a no-brainer  – “Guaranteed Healthcare for ALL”. The only issue ~ seems ~ to be ‘How much will it cost’?

This is classic communist subversion and trickery at it’s finest.  They make the case that the only issue is COST,  – while the useful idiots swallow the bait that “Healthcare is a Human Right”.  Really?

Somebody,…anybody,…please point to one single instance in the Evil History of Communism where the Communists cared anything about healthcare, – except for the Party’s Upper-Level Cadres.

Those useful idiots in California will never understand how they’re being used. Even nurses are involved – carrying signs and protesting in the state house.

These are the EXACT SAME nurses who would be forced into grueling slave-like work hours should this nightmare ever become legislation. Doctors, nurses, and all medical staffs would be forced into 12-hour x 6-day work weeks – to provide that “Basic Human Right” of healthcare for the masses…..

.and they’d likely see their pay fixed as they all become government employees.

In every country where Communists took over – they sought to control three key things:  Guns, Food, and Healthcare.  That is the trifecta of government control.   Mao starved 60 million people to death.

Later comes elimination of the religious leaders, – the honest police officials, and the honest teachers,  and control of the media.

Sadly,…in 21st Century America – it seems they already control most of the Media – including Hollywood.

If you doubt a word of this, – go Google the history of China’s “Barefoot Doctors”, – and learn how much Mao cared about healthcare for the masses.

Americas need to be extremely wary of any scheme – ObamaCare or SB 562 – which attempts to take the greatest and most far-reaching health care system ever seen on earth,  – and try to bring it under government control.

The people trying to sell you that crap are either thoroughly EVIL – or thoroughly IGNORANT!

A little left-wing hypocrisy?  These same “Care-Givers” are OK with abortion and marijuana….

Now ask yourself,   – where is the “Media” on all of this…?

4 Responses to “California’s Communists And SB 562”

  1. John Pagel

    Typical screwed thinking of the left wing, lib turd SNOWFLAKES here in the land of fruits and nuts.

  2. FLICK

    California-Please secede ASAP. That way all those actors and performers who don’t consider Trump their president will get their wish.


  3. beachdoc

    The ignorant masses have reared their ugly heads. Even when told that the cost of this “Healthcare for ALL” program would be 3 TIMES THE STATE BUDGET, they still pressed on! Do people think this will be paid for out of play money??!! Even a staunch Dem, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, said the plan was horrible so took it off the table, and in return he has received death threats!!

    It makes me ill to look at the lunacy of most of these proposed programs, but from their bully pulpit, they advocated “no co-pays” and everything FREE. Idiots — nothing is free. And if you offer it for “free”, not only will you have much more fraud, you will also have people who have NO appreciation for their care.

    Note that the blabbermouth head of the California Nurses Association Union, Roseann Demoro, does not appear to be a nurse. Instead, she has a degree in women’s studies. Supposedly was working on a PhD in sociology but “left’ to work for the Teamsters. See link for her income history. Quite a nice income for a useless major! She makes more than most primary care doctors. And notice that for a time, before watchdogs probably caught her hand in the cookie jar, this glutton was pulling in almost $300K/year!

    “So perhaps we shouldn’t surprised that Whitman has now put the CNA on the defensive for alleged nepotism and excessive union salaries. Last week, Whitman sent out a four-page flyer to all of California’s nearly 300,000 nurses blasting CNA/National Nurses Organizing Committee Executive Director Rose Ann DeMoro for earning more than $293,000 per year, nearly five times more than the median salary of a nurse in the United States. And DeMoro’s husband Robert, who heads the union’s research arm, is paid nearly $142,254 each year. (You can find all these details at the Whitman campaign’s “Truth for Nurses” website.)”

    Today, this greedy woman, and her husband, who does “research” for the union, earn a combined total of $370,646. I hope the nurses know where the “union dues” are going — into these people’s pockets and I’m sure they live a lavish lifestyle while decrying “heath care for ALL!”

    I had heard of the barefoot doctors but didn’t know much about them, until you mentioned them and I looked them up. They actually sound similar to what the government *and* some large health plans and insurance companies are doing today — hiring “physician extenders” or “midlevels” with less training, paying them less, and acting like they are as good as doctors. But most nurse practitioners now expect to be paid top dollar so that isn’t necessarily working out so well for the idiots in charge. Doctors are expected to work for peanuts and so many have spent so much time in their offices and not lobbying, such that we have been screwed over. MBA’s with phony degrees and other associated incompetents now run many of the health plans. And the government would probably be worse with the worst of those incompetents in charge. Now of course Jerry Brown’s friends, the lawyers, can charge outrageous hourly fees and no one thinks anything of it — that’s just fine! It’s all enough to make one hurl.

    I guess the sage advice of the past — “don’t go into women’s studies, you will never find a job — become a doctor!” is a joke!

  4. Kojack

    Notice the Bernie bitch on the left – what a bunch of CLUELESS MORONS.