Californians Can’t Find North Korea

Posted August 16th, 2017 by Iron Mike

It was a Jimmy Kimmel comedy bit – but it illustrates the success of union school teachers in dumbing down the electorate.

Funny / scary video below the fold:

No wonder CNN and MSNBC have such an easy time misinforming Americans with their Fake News.

Wanna bet they all believe in global warming…?

4 Responses to “Californians Can’t Find North Korea”

  1. Hawk1776

    I think I remember North Korea. Wasn’t there a nuclear crisis last week? Didn’t North Korea threaten Guam? Wasn’t it described as “Trump’s Cuban Missile Crisis”? Didn’t Trump and company call their bluff? Didn’t North Korea fold its hand? Didn’t the MSM completely ignore the outcome? Yep. Now I remember.

  2. BEN

    Pretty sad. I would be ashamed to show my face on TV, but they think they are celebrity status.

  3. Sonny's Mom

    And these morons want to secede from the United States?

  4. FLICK

    And they vote and can procreate.