California: Slaughter Of The Innocents

Posted March 23rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

There is a war shaping up in California,…and the good guys are likely to lose.  Decades of ignoring and flaunting immigration law has produced a Hispanic majority.  Hispanics / Latinos now are 39% of California’s 39 million people,  1/3 are here illegally. 

California’s Senate President Kevin de León wants to take it a step further,  – turning California into a “Sanctuary State”.  Not every Hispanic is thrilled….


There is a 100+ year old dream among Mexicans of “taking back their stolen lands” – across America’s southwest. 

At RRB we wonder how that might work out ,  – since so many Mexicans today seem to want to leave modern Mexico….

Would Aztlán be a prosperous new nation,  – or would it be immediately over-run by drug cartels and be unable to support it’s own population…?

But listen for 5 minutes to a US Citizen of Mexican origin tell the California legislature what life is like for her…living surrounded by criminal illegals….

As liberal politicians try to out-do each other across America – clamoring to turn towns and cities into illegal sanctuaries,….they are sowing the seeds of social destruction.

3 Responses to “California: Slaughter Of The Innocents”

  1. HDDAN

    There is a movement in Northern California to secede from the state and become Jefferson. The Northerners are sick of picking up the tab for the liberal dementia that masquerades as government there. Beware; as goes California, so goes The Bay State.

  2. Kojack

    If we didn’t take CA, AZ, NM, NV, TX, etc. after the Mexican War(which THEY started), Mexico would just be a bigger SHIT-HOLE than it is now.

    There must be something about Spanish as a 1st language that corrupts objective thinking. Most of the hispanics who are here legally think it is their duty to make excuses for the ones who aren’t.

  3. Robert Shannon

    Much of the problem is due to the work of The Big Bozo, aka Ted Kennedy, who opened our borders in 1965. The Democrats saw Hispanics as more votes and acted accordingly. They used a policy of “free stuff” and government assistance to keep their potential voters happy. Now not even Hispanic-American citizens are safe from the illegals. Great work Dems!